Tiny AES Core

Helion Tech LogoThe high performance Tiny AES core from Helion is highly optimised for use in FPGA, and implements the AES (Rijndael) encryption standard, as described in the NIST Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) Publication 197 document.

Designed to require the absolute minimum in logic resource, the Tiny AES core from Helion is ideal when silicon area is at a premium, for example in high volume consumer applications. The Tiny AES core comes as part of a long line of AES cores from Helion. Helion was the very first company in the world to offer commercial AES solutions in hardware back in 2001. These cores are by now extremely well proven in numerous real products. These cores are extremely simple to use, and highly versatile; they can be integrated into any AES design requirement with minimum effort.


  • Implements AES (Rijndael) to latest NIST FIPS PUB 197
  • Designed specifically for ultra low resource applications – this is the very smallest hardware AES solution available
  • Data throughput up to 30Mbps
  • For higher rate solutions look at the Helion Fast AES core and Helion Standard AES core
  • Full dynamic support for all AES key sizes (128, 192 and 256-bits)
  • Single core handles encryption, decryption, and hardware roundkey expansion
  • All AES operating modes easily implemented (eg. ECB, CBC, OFB, CFB, CTR)
  • Simple external interface
  • Highly optimised for use in each individual FPGA technology

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This IP core is supported and sold by Helion Technology, contact Helion Technology at info@heliontech.com or visit their website at www.heliontech.com for more information.


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Helion Technology - Tiny AES Core
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