PCIe Multifunction Demo for Lattice Nexus-based FPGAs

Functional PCI Express Communications Path Between Software and FPGA IP

The PCI Express Multifunction application demonstrates the multifunction capabilities of the Nexus FPGA. The application software allows you to access GPIO, MDIO and I2C registers on the board and provides real time interaction with the FPGA hardware to demonstrate a functional PCI Express communications path between the software and the FPGA IP.

PCI Express Multifunction Demo - implements three separate PCI Express functions on a single endpoint device. Each function allows you to control a different aspect of the FPGA Board.

Application Software – developed using a layered architecture: GUI application, Driver API, Device Drivers and Device Hardware (FPGA Design)

GUI Support - The GUI supports both 7-bit and 10-bit addressing modes. The address mode can be selected by selecting the appropriate radio button.

Block Diagram


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