Neural Network Compiler

Rapidly Compile Networks for Implementation on Lattice sensAI IP Cores

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Compile Neural Networks developed in common development frameworks, such as TensorFlow, Caffe or Keras, for implementation onto Lattice CNN and compact CNN Accelerator IP cores.

  • Provide inputs from TensorFlow, Caffe or Keras
  • Supports Ubuntu Linux 16.04, Windows 10 and 7
  • GUI and CMD Line versions
  • Free license
Lattice sensAI

Capabilities of NN Compiler

Analyze networks for fit in the chosen number of engines and allocated memory. After compilation, simulate networks for functionality and performance prior to testing in hardware. Graphical display of networks supports analysis and understanding.

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Neural Network Compiler

Documentation and Downloads

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NN Compiler Software - Linux
6.1 12/5/2023 RUN 1 GB
NN Compiler Software - Windows
6.1 12/5/2023 EXE 1 GB
Linux Installers MD5 Checksums
6.1 12/5/2023 MD5 0.1 KB

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