MachXO3 Chip Shot

MachXO3 FPGA Family

Most Advanced, Lowest Cost per I/O Programmable Bridging and I/O Expansion Solution

Breakthrough I/O Density at the Lowest Cost per I/O – Programmable bridging and I/O expansion has never been more affordable with up to 540 I/O and priced at 1 cent per I/O.

Maximum I/O, Minimum Size – Smallest BGA packages with 0.4 mm, 0.5 mm and 0.8 mm ball spacing options.

Instant Programmable Bridging and I/O Expansion – Maximum flexibility with instant-on access and multi-time programmability.

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MachXO3 devices are Lattice’s newest instant-on, non-volatile, small footprint FPGAs. Using advanced packaging technology to enable low cost devices, the MachXO3 portfolio consists of two families, MachXO3-L and MachXO3-H. The MachXO3-L FPGA family features the latest in small packaging, low power, and aggressive cost combined with fast performance. The MachXO3-L FPGA family spans from 640 to 6900 LUTs. It is available in lower power E (1.2 V core) version or C (3.3/2.5 V core) versions. The MachXO3-H FPGA family is a higher density family that will have more advanced features such as PCIe, Gigabit Ethernet, etc. Some of the key MachXO3-L FPGA family features are:

Amazingly small packages

  • Wafer level chip scale packages from 2.5 x 2.5 mm to 3.8 x 3.8 mm
  • 0.5 mm spaced bgas that deliver maximum I/O, small size and low cost

Need to bridge MIPI DSI or CSI-2?

  • Complete reference designs available
  • Low power and small sizes allow use in consumer products
  • Allows bridging to / from legacy interfaces

Maximum Control. Minimum Boot-up.

  • Instant-on 1 ms boot-up
  • Low voltage core 1.2 V or choose a single 3.3/2.5 V power supply
  • Hysteresis on inputs provides noise immunity with slow signals

Built in hard functions

  • Timer counter
  • Two I2C interfaces
  • SPI interface
  • Programmable Oscillator

MachXO3L Device Selection Guide

PARAMETERS XO3L-640 XO3L-1300 XO3L-2100 XO3L-4300 XO3L-6900
Density LUTs 640 1300 2100 4300 6900
EBR RAM (kbits) 64 64 74 92 240
PLL 1 1 1 2 2
Multi Time Programmable NVCM Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
1 x SPI controller, 2 x I2C controller Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
1 x Oscillator, 1 x Timer/Counter Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
MIPI D-PHY Support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
36-ball WLCSP (0.4, 2.5 x 2.5) 25
49-ball WLCSP (0.4, 3.2 x 3.2) 38
81-ball WLCSP (0.4, 3.8 x 3.8) 60
121-ball fcCSP (0.5, 6 x 6) 100 100 100
256-ball fcCSP (0.5, 9 x 9) 206 206 206 206
324-ball fcCSP (0.5, 10 x 10) 269 269 269
256-ball caBGA (0.8, 14 x 14) 206 206 206 206
324-ball caBGA (0.8, 15 x 15) 269 269 269
400-ball caBGA (0.8, 17 x 17) 325 325

CSI-2 Image Sensor Interfacing

  • Supports CSI-2 High Speed Differential Signaling
    • Both Rx and Tx interfaces
  • From 1-4 lanes of CSI-2 at up to 800 Mbps
  • Can be implemented in a 49 wlcsp (3.2 x 3.2 mm)
  • RAW, YUV or RGB supported

DSI LCD Display Interfacing

  • Supports DSI transmit signaling
    • HS (High Speed) Mode transmit
    • LP (Low Power) Mode transmit and receive
  • Can be implemented in a 49 wlcsp (3.2 x 3.2 mm)
  • Supports DSI formats RGB, YCbCr and User Defined
  • Input bus can also be DSI to enable LCD screen replacement

Microprocessor Interface Expansion

  • Save cost by adding GPIO to low-cost microcontrollers
  • Add additional SPI and I2C interfaces to system control processors
  • Perform voltage level translation with ease
  • Simplify system management with PLD implementation of system status registers

Lattice Diamond Design Software

Leading-edge design software for Lattice FPGA families. Upgrade your design process with an easy-to-use interface, superior design exploration, optimized design flow, Tcl scripting and more. Click here to view more information.

MachXO3 FPGA Family Application Note

Implementing High-Speed Interfaces with MachXO3L Devices TN1281 1.0 12/18/2013 PDF 4.5 MB
MachXO3L Hardware Checklist TN1291 4/23/2014 PDF 283 KB
MachXO3L Programming and Configuration Usage Guide TN1279 1.1 4/12/2014 PDF 1.9 MB
MachXO3L SED Usage Guide TN1292 1.0 4/23/2014 PDF 710.4 KB
MachXO3L sysCLOCK PLL Design and Usage Guide TN1282 1.0 12/18/2013 PDF 4.4 MB
MachXO3L sysIO Usage Guide TN1280 1.0 12/18/2013 PDF 1.9 MB
Using Hardened Control Functions in MachXO3L Devices TN1293 1.0 4/23/2014 PDF 2.9 MB
Using Hardened Control Functions in MachXO3L Devices Reference Guide TN1294 1.0 4/21/2014 PDF 5.7 MB
Using TransFR Technology TN1087 3.5 3/4/2014 PDF 2.4 MB

MachXO3 FPGA Family Data Sheet

MachXO3 256-Pin caBGA Package Migration File 1.0 2/13/2014 CSV 29.9 KB
MachXO3L Family Data Sheet DS1047 2.0 2/25/2014 PDF 2.5 MB
MachXO3L-1300 Pinout 1.0 2/13/2014 CSV 12.3 KB
MachXO3L-2100 Pinout 1.0 2/13/2014 CSV 13.1 KB
MachXO3L-6900 Pinout 1.0 2/13/2014 CSV 19.7 KB
MaxhXO3L-4300 Pinout 1.0 2/13/2014 CSV 15.4 KB

MachXO3 FPGA Family Product Brochure

MachXO3L Product Brief I0238 2/1/2014 PDF 1.1 MB
MIPI Display Serial Interface Solution Product Flyer 12.2 10/22/2013 PDF 1.1 MB

MachXO3 FPGA Family Quality Assurance

MachXO3L Product Family Qualification Summary A 1/29/2014 PDF 327.3 KB

MachXO3 FPGA Family White Paper

Multi-time Programmable ULD FPGAs 1.0 12/1/2013 PDF 163.5 KB

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