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Category: Device Modeling
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Family: MachXO2

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Which IBIS models should I use for the MachXO2 JTAG signal pins?

For the JTAG input pins, use the LVCMOS input models with bank 0 VCCIO and select the model that has:

  • TCK: bus keeper = NONE
  • TDI: bus keeper = pull up
  • TMS: bus keeper = pull up

For the JTAG output pin (TDO), use LVCMOS output type, bank 0 VCCIO is the VCCJ value, with slow slew setting and pull up on. Set the output current setting as follows:

  • VCCJ=3.3v, use 8ma current setting
  • VCCJ=2.5v, use 8ma current setting
  • VCCJ=1.8v, use 4ma current setting
  • VCCJ=1.5v, use 4ma current setting
  • VCCJ=1.2v, use 2ma current setting

The IBIS models for MachXO2 devices are available in IBIS Model section at :