ispClock 5520 Evaluation Board

The ispClock Evaluation Board allows the designer to quickly configure and evaluate the ispClock5520 on a fully assembled printed-circuit board. The board features an ispPAC-CLK5520V-01T100C (20 outputs, 100-pin TQFP package), a header for user I/O, SMA connectors to selected high-speed I/O signals, LEDs for status indication, switches for added flexibility, and a JTAG interface for programming with the Lattice pDS4102-DL2A download cable (or Lattice flywire-based download cables).

Device Support

You will need the PAC-Designer software (version 3.0 or later) to use this board. PAC-Designer is available on a CD-ROM included with the kit, or can be downloaded from the Lattice web site.

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Kit Contents

The ispClock Evaluation Board is available in a Development Kit that includes:

  • ispClock Evaluation board
  • ispDOWNLOAD cable pDS4102-DL2A
  • PAC-Designer CD-ROM

The board is also available as a separate item.

Board Photos

Top View

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Ordering Information

  • This product is no longer available for purchase.

  • The information provided on here is for reference purposes only.
  • Contact your local Lattice sales representative for further information.


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ispClock5520 Evaluation Board ispPAC-CLK5520-EV1
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