ML-KEM-512/768/1024 (CRYSTALS-Kyber), Balanced (XIP6110B)

XIP6110B – Balanced Post-Quantum Key Encapsulation IP Core

ML-KEM-512/768/1024 from Xiphera is an Intellectual Property (IP) core for ML-KEM (previously known as CRYSTALS-Kyber) post-quantum Key Encapsulation Mechanism (KEM). It supports key generation, encapsulation, and decapsulation operations for all ML-KEM variants Kyber-512, Kyber-768, and Kyber-1024. The IP core is optimised for a good balance between speed and resource requirements.

Fast Performance: The balanced ML-KEM IP core is capable of computing a few thousand key generation, encapsulation, or decapsulation operations in a second in a typical Lattice® FPGA implementation.

Secure Architecture: The execution time of the ML-KEM IP core is independent of the secret values and, consequently, provides full protection against timing-based side-channel attacks. The IP core has been implemented only in digital logic without any software components.

Compliance: Xiphera's balanced ML-KEM IP core is compliant with ML-KEM specifications 3.0 (Oct. 1, 2020) which is the version that was selected as a candidate to be standardized by NIST. Xiphera commits to update the IP core when the standardization proceeds to newer versions.

Small Resource Requirements: The IP core fits into about 14000 4LUTs and additionally uses only a few multipliers/DSP blocks and internal memory block in a typical Lattice® FPGA implementation.

Easy Integration: The simple 64-bit interface of ML-KEM IP core supports easy integration to various systems.

Block Diagram

Internal high-level block diagram of the balanced ML-KEM IP core

Ordering Information

Please contact for pricing and your preferred delivery method. The IP core can be shipped in a number of formats, including netlist, source code, or encrypted source code. Additionally, a comprehensive VHDL testbench and a detailed datasheet are included.

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