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A Sneak-Peek to FPGA Innovation: Lattice Developers Conference

A Sneak-Peek to FPGA Innovation: Lattice Developers Conference
Posted 11/15/2023 by Lattice Semiconductor

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The highly anticipated Lattice Developers Conference is right around the corner, and we just announced our full agenda, including an incredible lineup of keynote speakers, technical breakout sessions with notable industry experts, and a robust demo showcase running from December 5 to 7.

During the 3-day virtual event, attendees will gain valuable insights, advance their skills, and hear directly from technology leaders across multiple industries about the latest trends, opportunities, and programmable solutions for Artificial Intelligence (AI), Security, Advanced Connectivity, and more.

Keynotes from Lattice, BMW, Meta, and NVIDIA
On December 5, Lattice executives including Jim Anderson (President & CEO), Steve Douglass (CTO), Esam Elashmawi (CSMO) will kick off the conference, discussing key trends and challenges developers are facing and how programmable solutions help them unleash innovation across a variety of industries and applications. They’ll also unveil the latest additions to the Lattice portfolio, the highly anticipated Lattice Avant™-G and Lattice Avant™-X FPGAs.

Developers Conference Opening Keynotes

Attendees will also enjoy keynote presentations from NVIDIA, Meta, and BMW throughout the event, who will dive into why flexibility is increasingly important to their innovation and the benefits they realize by designing with programmable solutions:

Developers Conference Guest Keynote Presentations

Breakout sessions with technology experts from various industry
After morning keynote sessions, attendees can select from carefully curated breakout sessions with Lattice and industry experts focusing on the benefits of low power FPGAs, traditional and emerging technology implementation in FPGAs, and innovative applications for the Industrial, Automotive, Communications, Computing, and Consumer markets.

These 35+ sessions are broken up into daily themes, including:

Day 1 Low Power FPGAs
Explore the benefits of the low power Lattice Nexus™ and Lattice Avant™ FPGA portfolios, from introduction to advanced optimization techniques to increase design productivity and optimize power consumption.

Day 2 Enabling Technologies
Learn how to efficiently implement traditional technologies like PCIe®, Ethernet, and memory controller connectivity, and emerging technologies like low power Edge AI inferencing and advanced cyber resilient cryptography solutions.

Day 3 End Market Applications
Hear from Lattice and other industry leaders about how they’re driving innovation across the Industrial, Automotive, Communications, Computing, and Consumer markets.

Developers Conference Breakout Sessions

Technology Demonstrations from Lattice and innovation partners
During the 3-day conference, Lattice and our innovation partners will showcase 40+ Lattice-based solutions for applications including Edge AI, automation and robotics, datacenter security, ADAS, telecom infrastructure, client computing, and more. Don’t miss out on these cutting-edge technology demonstrations to get inspired for your next design!

Developers Conference Demonstrations

Visit the Lattice Developers Conference registration page to learn more about this exciting agenda to secure your spot today!