Manufacturing Partners

All Lattice Semiconductor Wafer Foundry and Assembly/Test manufacturing partners are high volume top tier industry recognized sources. Lattice Semiconductor requires these key suppliers to maintain Quality System ISO 9000 and Environmental System ISO 14000 registrations. Key suppliers are audited periodically to monitor their compliance to Lattice Semiconductor quality initiatives and goals. Lattice Semiconductor samples incoming materials to provide feedback and continuous improvement of subcontractor performance with the main objective being to control quality at the source. Communications and in-line data are continuously exchanged to allow real-time monitoring of subcontractor manufacturing operations.

All test facilities, including all subcontractors, use Lattice Semiconductor specified test equipment and hardware. All test software is generated by Lattice Semiconductor with revision controlled by a central test host based at Lattice headquarters and downloaded each day to all test facilities. Test data is transferred daily to Lattice Semiconductor.

Lattice Semiconductor purchases all direct materials and services affecting quality or reliability of end product from qualified sources. Selection of these critical suppliers is based upon quality system audits, product qualification testing, correlation studies, incoming inspection and demonstrated capability. A qualified supplier list is maintained.

Supplier Management System

Lattice Semiconductor partners with industry leaders that can provide highest quality products and services in fabrication, packaging and testing of its products. Suppliers exhibiting a quality program commensurate to that of Lattice, meeting industry standard/certifications, perform all subcontracted manufacturing operations. Manufacturing, along with Quality Assurance, manages supplier activities from planning, performance reviews, audits, supplier improvements and supplier strategies. Communications and in-line data are continuously exchanged with key suppliers to allow real time monitoring of manufacturing operations.