MIPI RFFE Interface Applications

Customize Your RFFE Interface Using Lattice FPGAs

Do you need a customized bridge between the RFIC and your RF Component? Lattice FPGAs that come in tiny packages and consume very low power can deliver exactly that and more.

I/O Voltage Flexibility - Lattice FPGAs support I/Os with flexible voltage ranging from 1.2V to 3.3V. Lattice FPGAs provide GPIO expansion and custom enhancements to the control path of your RF Front-End modules.

Custom bridging solutions - Make your RF Module flexible and capable of newer features, like carrier aggregation and antenna tuning. Customize the control path with innovative RFFE I/F bridge solutions.

Block Diagram

The block diagram below shows how Lattice FPGAs can enhance the control functionality in a RF-Front End system of a smartphone, tablet or other mobile device.



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