The SFI-5 Intellectual Property (IP) core enables user instantiation of an OIF-compliant SERDES Framer Interface Level 5 (SFI-5) core in LatticeSC/M Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs). The SFI-5 System Reference Model is shown in the figure below. The SFI-5 defines a communications interface for a 40 Gbps optical link which typically consists of a Framer, FEC (Forward Error Correction) Processor, and SERDES. The purpose of the SFI-5 interface is to transmit data across multiple channels in parallel, where channels may incur different skews between the transmitter and receivers. The SFI-5 receiver delays the data received on all of the channels to match that channel which incurred the longest delay. This removes any skew variation between the channels.

The SFI-5 interface uses 16 bi-directional SERDES links to transmit and receive data. Another SERDES link (the 17th channel) is used as the Deskew channel.

The SFI-5 is a user-configurable IP core, which allows the configuration of the IP and generation of a netlist and simulation file for use in designs. Please note that bitstream generation may be prevented or the bitstream may have time logic present unless a license for the IP is procured.

SFI-5 IP User's Guide

The LatticeSC SFI-5 IP Core User's Guide is now available.

SFI-5 Evaluation Board

The LatticeSC SFI-5 Evaluation Board is a functional platform for development and rapid prototyping of applications that incorporate high-performance SFI-5 interfaces available for SFI-5 evaluation.

SFI-5 Reference Design

The reference design included with the SFI-5 IP package (sfi5_eval directory) is designed for use on the LatticeSC SFI-5 Evaluation Board.


  • The SFI-5 core is fully compliant with the Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF) Implementation Agreement OIF-SFI5-01.02
  • Data path uses 17 SERDES transceivers operating in 8-bit only mode
  • Sixteen 16-bit wide internal receive and transmit data paths
  • Supported through ispLEVER IPexpress for easy user configuration and parameterization
  • Included reference design suitable for use on the LatticeSC SFI-5 Evaluation Board with SERDES channels running at 2.5 Gbps
  • Reference design uses the Reveal™ Logic Analyzer to observe circuit operation
  • User-settable parameters to select the allowed number of framing errors for the deskew channel framer to go into or out of locked state

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Block Diagram

Performance and Size

Results for LatticeSC/M1
Mode SLICEs LUTs REGs I/Os2 EBRs Line Rate (MHz)
Core only, without PLL and top level logic 4858 3203 2922 N/A 0 185
Reference design configuration with PLL, top-level registers, and pattern generator/checker 4858 5995 6138 N/A 22 195

1 Performance and utilization characteristics are in Lattice's ispLEVER 7.1 software. When using this IP core in a different density, speed, or grade within the LatticeSC/M family or in a different software version, performance may vary.

2 The SFI-5 core itself does not use any external pins. However, in an application, the core is used together with IODDR, I/O buffers, and SERDES integrated into the LatticeSCM series FPGA. Thus, the application implementing the SFI-5 specification will utilize I/O pins.

Ordering Information

  • Ordering Part Number: SFI-5-SC-U1
  • This core is not available for download through the IP Express tool within Lattice Software Design Tools. For further information on how to get this IP Core, please contact your local Lattice sales office.


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SFI-5 IP Core User's Guide
IPUG78 01.0 11/3/2008 PDF 1022.8 KB
LatticeSC SFI-5 Evaluation Board User's Guide
Describes the features and specifications of the LatticeSC SFI-5 Evaluation Board - includes schematics.
EB36 01.0 11/10/2008 PDF 1.6 MB

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