Platform Manager Chip

Platform Manager Family

Scalable Power Management with Fault logging and
Dynamic Power Reduction

A revolutionary power management architecture – With distributed power sense and centralized control, Platform Manager makes managing up to 36 rails easy.  And fault logging slashes debug time.

Change your algorithm, not your board – Design changes are a lot less painful with Platform Manager on board.  Instead of reworking your PCB, simply reprogram your Platform Manager device to quickly handle design changes.

Is your power budget choking board performance? – Use Platform Manager’s precision voltage scaling and VID features for easy control of complex, power-hungry ASICs and SoCs.

Testing 4

Platform Manager is unique in providing a power management solution that is superior in scalability, in-system upgradability, and board power reduction. And it supports all modern power distribution architectures.

Easily implement complex sequencing algorithms for up to 36 rails

  • No need for partitioning multiple power management ICs
  • Centralized power-up/down sequencing control and power supply sensing
  • Worry-free field updates thanks to fail-safe back-up sequencing

Cut Board Power Dissipation by Over 30%

  • Lower chip power dissipation using voltage scaling / VID
  • Precision voltage control (<10 mV accuracy) with closed-loop trimming

Black box recording of supply faults

  • Slash debug time through fault logging… reduce time-to-market
  • Capture voltage faults (primary cause) within 100 µs with 0.2% (typ) accuracy and store in on-chip flash
  • Preserve fault log quality regardless of the number of supplies

Customize Your Design. Then Customize it Again.

  • Fully programmable via design software
  • Non-volatile, seamlessly scalable through central control and remote sense
  • Quickly modify monitoring thresholds, sequence or timing… even when the system is in the field

Platform Manager Device Selector Guide

Parameters LPTM10-1247 LPTM10-12107
Analog Inputs - Single-Ended 5 0
Analog Inputs - Differential 7 12
Total Analog Inputs 12 12
Dedicated Open Drain Outputs 12 12
Dedicated Digital Inputs 4 4
Digital I/O 31 91
Total Digital I/O 47 107
Margin and Trim 6 8
MOSFET Driver Outputs 4 4
CPLD MacroCells 48 48
FPGA - LUT-s 640 640
Package 128-pin TQFP 208-ball ftBGA

Reduce power and system operating cost by dynamically controlling power dissipation device by device.

  • Dynamic Power Dissipation Control through VID reduces the power consumption of ASICs and processors by more than 30%
  • Improve performance and add functionality to your board without increasing power requirements by controlling voltage using a simple code.
  • Eliminate the need for microcontroller and software to configure DC-to-DC converters.

Enhance board reliability and decrease debug time using robust fault logging.

  • Non Volatile Memory with Time Stamping lets you quickly pinpoint the primary fault even in complex systems with large numbers of supplies.
  • Log all faults as soon as they occur and capture the status of all power supplies. And reliably store the image directly in a flash memory.
  • Capture the primary cause of the board failure – make it possible to easily link flash corruption to a power failure

Reduce field maintenance costs through in-system programmable power management.

  • Reliably change power sequencing algorithms in the field while the system is running, using in-system programmability.
  • Back-up golden Image ensures fail-safe update of power management algorithms.
  • Eliminate the need to send out technicians for field upgrades.

Accurately adjust for brown-outs by quickly switching to back-up power in less than 16µs

  • Maintain power to small cells during brown-out
  • Ride through brown-out periods by automatically switching to a back up through fast, accurate voltage monitoring.

Reduce system cost by implementing reliable hot-swap using lowest cost MOSFETs

  • Implement reliable, high-power hot-swap controller without using expensive big MOSFETs
  • Reduce the total number of MOSFETs required – and use smaller low-cost, conventional MOSFETs

Save development time and effort by reusing a single-chip, scalable power management solution.

  • Enables scalability as the system bandwidth and power requirements grow from 12 to 36 rails in one chip.
  • Simplify power management design process by eliminating the need for partitioning the sequencing algorithms
  • Fine tune supply sequencing enabling reliable board power-up

PAC-Designer Software

Fully integrated design and simulation environment for Platform Manager, Power Manager and ispClock devices. Click here to view more information.

Platform Manager Development Kit

The Platform Manager Development Kit is a versatile, ready-to-use platform for evaluating and designing with Platform Manager devices. The kit features the Platform Manager LPTM10-12107 device in a 208-ball ftBGA package. Click here to view more information.

Platform Manager Family Application Note

Controlling and Monitoring Power-One Bricks and SIPs with Lattice Power Manager Devices AN6056 01.1 4/17/2008 PDF 216.1 KB
Creating Platform Manager Designs with PAC-Designer and Lattice Diamond Software TN1259 01.0 3/4/2013 PDF 4.9 MB
Extending the VMON Input Range of Power/Platform Management Devices AN6041 02.2 11/2/2011 PDF 397.2 KB
Fail-Safe Sequencing During Field Upgrades Source Files DT6088 1.2 6/6/2012 ZIP 591.5 KB
Fail-Safe Sequencing During Field Upgrades with Platform Manager AN6088 01.2 6/6/2012 PDF 1.1 MB
High-side Current Sensing Techniques for Power Manager Devices AN6049 01.1 4/17/2008 PDF 70.9 KB
Implementing Power Supply Sequencers with Power/Platform Management Devices and PAC-Designer LogiBuilder AN6042 01.2 10/7/2011 PDF 277 KB
Interfacing the Trim Output of Power Manager II Devices to DC-DC Converters AN6074 01.0 12/7/2007 PDF 678.6 KB
ispPAC-POWR1220AT8 I2C Hardware Verification Utility AN6067 01.0 11/21/2005 PDF 563.7 KB
Monitoring and Controlling Negative Power Supplies with Power Manager Devices AN6051 02.1 4/17/2008 PDF 67.9 KB
Optimizing the Accuracy of ispPAC Power Manager Timers AN6076 01.0 12/12/2007 PDF 215.9 KB
Powering Up and Programming the ispPAC-POWR1014/A AN6075 01.1 4/11/2011 PDF 190.4 KB
Powering Up and Programming the ispPAC-POWR1220AT8 AN6073 01.1 4/21/2011 PDF 171.2 KB
Powering Up and Programming the ispPAC-POWR607 AN6078 01.1 4/21/2011 PDF 1.3 MB
Powering Up and Programming the ProcessorPM ispPAC-POWR605 AN6082 01.1 4/21/2011 PDF 1.1 MB
Programmable Comparator Options for ispPAC-POWR1220AT8 AN6069 01.0 11/21/2005 PDF 259.4 KB
Programming the ispPAC-POWR1220AT8 in a JTAG Chain Using the ATDI Pin AN6068 01.1 2/28/2011 PDF 245.8 KB
Scalable Centralized Power Management Source Files DT6089 1.2 6/6/2012 ZIP 520.7 KB
Scalable Centralized Power Management with Field Upgrade Support AN6089 01.2 6/6/2012 PDF 1.1 MB
Stable Operation of DC-DC Converters with Power Manager Closed Loop Trim AN6077 01.0 12/10/2007 PDF 197.2 KB
Using PAC-Designer's Power Manager Waveform Editor AN6054 01.0 11/23/2005 PDF 276.3 KB
Using Power MOSFETs with Power Manager Devices AN6048 01.1 4/17/2008 PDF 73.8 KB
Using the HVOUT Simulator Utility to Estimate FET Ramp Times AN6070 01.0 11/21/2005 PDF 540.1 KB
Using the Platform Manager Successfully TN1223 01.1 8/17/2012 PDF 949.4 KB

Platform Manager Family Data Sheet

Platform Manager Data Sheet DS1036 01.3 2/13/2012 PDF 6.4 MB

Platform Manager Family Family Qualifications Summary

Lattice Platform Manager Product Family Qualification Summary A 9/1/2011 PDF 735.4 KB

Platform Manager Family Hand Book

Platform Manager Family Product Brochure

Platform Manager Product Brochure I0208 4/10/2012 PDF 2.8 MB
Platform Manager Product Brochure (Chinese Language Version) I0208C 6/4/2012 PDF 2.9 MB

Platform Manager Family Product Change Notification

ACN#03D-11 Withdrawal of ACN#03C-11 1 4/1/2011 PDF 796.6 KB

Platform Manager Family Quality Assurance

Lattice Platform Manager Product Family Qualification Summary A 12/1/2010 PDF 735.4 KB

Platform Manager Family Schematic Symbols

Lattice OrCAD Capture Schematic Library (OLB) 1.15 2/27/2014 ZIP 861.6 KB

Platform Manager Family User Manual

Platform Management Utility Functions IP Core User's Guide IPUG94 01.1 1/24/2011 PDF 551.8 KB
Platform Manager Development Kit Quick Start Guide QS009 1 3/27/2013 PDF 554.5 KB
Platform Manager Development Kit User's Guide EB58 01.2 12/7/2010 PDF 1.6 MB
Power Manager II Hercules Development Kit User's Guide EB57 01.0 12/22/2010 PDF 3 MB

Platform Manager Family BSDL Model

Platform Manager 128 TQFP BSDL Files 1.1 2/26/2013 ZIP 8.4 KB
Platform Manager 208 ftBGA BSDL Files 1.1 2/27/2014 ZIP 10 KB

Platform Manager Family Downloadable Software

Selecting Power and Platform Manager Devices Excel Spreadsheet Tool 1.1 3/19/2012 ZIP 63.1 KB

Platform Manager Family IBIS Model

[IBIS] ispPAC-POWR1220AT8 0.2 3/2/2012 IBS 412.3 KB

Platform Manager Family Reference Design

BSCAN1 - Multiple Boundary Scan Port Addressable Buffer - Documentation RD1001 7.3 4/18/2011 PDF 160.1 KB
BSCAN1 - Multiple Boundary Scan Port Addressable Buffer - Source Code RD1001 7.3 4/18/2011 ZIP 152.4 KB
BSCAN2 - Multiple Boundary Scan Port Linker - Source Code RD1002 04.6 3/13/2014 ZIP 2.6 MB
BSCAN2 - Multiple Scan Port Linker - Documentation RD1002 04.6 3/5/2014 PDF 1.2 MB
Closed Loop Power Supply Trimming Documentation RD1078 1.0 12/6/2010 PDF 278.2 KB
Closed Loop Power Supply Trimming Source Code RD1078 1.0 12/6/2010 ZIP 269.4 KB
Error Logging Using Platform Manager Documentation RD1077 1.0 9/28/2010 PDF 422.5 KB
Error Logging Using Platform Manager Source Files RD1077 1.0 9/28/2010 ZIP 372.9 KB
GPIO Expander, Documentation RD1065 1.3 4/12/2011 PDF 280.6 KB
GPIO Expander, Source Code RD1065 1.3 4/12/2011 ZIP 195.5 KB
I2C (Inter-Integrated Circuit) Master Controller - Documentation RD1005 05.8 3/6/2014 PDF 987.4 KB
I2C (Inter-Integrated Circuit) Master Controller - Source Code RD1005 5.8 3/18/2014 ZIP 1.1 MB
I2C (Inter-Integrated Circuit) Slave/Peripheral - Documentation RD1054 1.5 3/1/2014 PDF 800.8 KB
I2C (Inter-Integrated Circuit) Slave/Peripheral - Source Code RD1054 1.5 3/12/2014 ZIP 803 KB
I2C Slave to SPI Master Bridge - Documentation RD1094 1.1 12/23/2011 PDF 253.6 KB
I2C Slave to SPI Master Bridge - Source Code RD1094 1.1 12/23/2011 ZIP 180.4 KB
Long Delay Timers Using Platform Manager Documentation RD1079 1.1 9/28/2010 PDF 874.1 KB
Long Delay Timers Using Platform Manager Source Files RD1079 1.0 9/28/2010 ZIP 683.9 KB
OrCAD Capture (.dsn) format schematics 1 9/28/2010 ZIP 0.7 KB
Platform Manager Dev Kit Initial Demo Source Files 1.1 1/26/2011 ZIP 1.1 MB
Platform Manager Dev Kit Power Supply Voltage Control (VID) Demo Source Files 1.0 12/6/2010 ZIP 1.1 MB
Power Management Bus Reference Design - Source Code RD1100 1.1 12/23/2011 ZIP 378.3 KB
Power Management Bus Reference Design Documentation RD1100 1.1 12/23/2011 PDF 481 KB
PWM Fan Controller RD1060 1.4 12/23/2010 PDF 138.8 KB
PWM Fan Controller - Source Code RD1060 1.4 12/23/2010 ZIP 104.6 KB
Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) - Documentation RD1075 1.1 12/23/2011 PDF 158.7 KB
Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) - Source Code RD1075 1.1 12/23/2011 ZIP 124.8 KB
SPI GPIO Expander - Documentation RD1073 1.1 12/23/2010 PDF 212.5 KB
SPI GPIO Expander - Source Code RD1073 1.1 12/23/2010 ZIP 161.6 KB
Temperature Monitor Using Platform Manager Documentation RD1080 1.0 9/28/2010 PDF 330 KB
Temperature Monitor Using Platform Manager Source Files RD1080 1.0 9/28/2010 ZIP 256.7 KB
UART (Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter) - Documentation RD1011 1.6 6/14/2011 PDF 346.3 KB
UART (Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter) - Source Code RD1011 1.5 4/18/2011 ZIP 379.5 KB

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