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USB thumb drive form factor evaluation board - The iCEstick Evaluation Kit is an easy to use, small size board that allows rapid prototyping of system functions at a very low cost using Lattice Semiconductor's iCE40 FPGA family.

IrDA and Digilent Pmod™ interfaces - Users can communicate to an IrDA transceiver, a Digilent Pmod™ peripheral connector for various sensor expansion options, 16 generic I/Os and LEDs.

Development Software - The iCEstick Evaluation board is supported by Lattice iCEcube2™ design software for HDL development. Programing the onboard iCE40HX-1k device's SPI flash is done with Lattice Diamond Programmer version 3.0 or higher. Download Diamond Programmer 3.0 now.


  • USB thumb drive form factor
  • iCE40HX-1k on board
  • 2 x 6 position Digilent Pmod™ connector for other peripheral connections
  • FTDI 2232H USB device allows iCE device programming and UART interface to a PC
  • Vishay TFDU4101 IrDA transceiver
  • Five user LEDs
  • Discera 12 Mhz MEMS oscillator
  • Micron 32 Mbit N25Q32 SPI flash
  • USB connector provides the power supply
  • 16 LVCMOS/LVTTL (3.3 V) digital I/O connections on 0.1” through-hole connections

iCEstick with Pmod™

  • iCEstick contains a Digilent Pmod™ connector to attach various peripheral modules. The accelerometer reference design using Pmod™-ACL is an example. Purchased separately, this HDL design showcases how the iCE40 device interfaces to an acceleromter sensor, enabling the user to integrate additional sensors for their particular product.

IrDA Tx & Rx Reference Design

  • Designers can use the included reference design to simplify the prototyping of a wide variety of applications involving wireless transmission of data or control signals utilizing the onboard IrDA transceiver. Examples include wireless data transmission between two mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, gaming devices, etc. Wireless control applications such as high end remote controls, TVs, LED lighting control and others can also be implemented.

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Board Photos

iCEstick in packaging

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Side view

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USB plugged in

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Front image

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iCEstick with Pmod™ plugged in

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Block Diagram

Ordering Information

Ordering Information

  • Part number: ICE40HX1K-STICK-EVN
  • Click here to find an authorized Lattice distributor near you.
  • Click here to order now from the Lattice on-line store.


Quick Reference Information Resources Downloads
iCEstick User Manual EB82 8/6/2013 PDF 2.7 MB
Using Low Cost, Non-Volatile PLDs in System Applications 2.0 8/30/2013 PDF 435.3 KB
Default LED Rotation bitmap for iCEstick 1.0 7/18/2013 ZIP 1.6 KB
iCEstick LED Rotation 7/29/2013 ZIP 4.8 KB
IRDA UART RX 7/29/2013 ZIP 17 KB
IRDA UART TX 7/29/2013 ZIP 16.9 KB
Pmod Accelerometer 7/29/2013 ZIP 20.3 KB


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