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Benefits of Wireless Tech in VR

Learn how Lattice's 60 GHz WirelessHD technology can take your VR experience to the next level.
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Always-on Computing Demos from Lattice Semiconductor

From always-on cameras with processing at the edge and the cloud to always-on displays and face detection, our FPGA-based solutions have you covered.
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Lattice GigaRay 60 GHz Wireless Modules

The GigaRay module set is a complete, easy to integrate baseband and RF solution for wireless access and backhaul in the 60 GHz band, using point-to-point links or mesh networks.
Using Lattice CrossLink FPGA for 360 Surround View ApplicationsExpand Image

Using Lattice CrossLink FPGA for 360 Surround View Applications

Taking a simple camera and converting it regular image into a 360 surround view doesn't have to be difficult. Learn how our CrossLink FPGA can help.
Radiant Video - Enable Predictable Design Convergence with Lattice Radiant SoftwareExpand Image

Enable Predictable Design Convergence with Lattice Radiant Software

Our next-generation Lattice Radiant software is a full featured FPGA design tool suite. Achieve predictable FPGA design convergence, optimized for edge devices.
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Lattice Autonomous Robot Demo

Learn how our Embedded Vision Development kit and 60 GHz WirelessHD products support autonomous robot requirements, such as collision avoidance, all while consuming an incredibly low amount of power.
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Simplify Audio Connectivity with HDMI 2.1 eARC

HDMI 2.1 now includes a home theater feature called Enhanced Audio Return Channel (eARC), which will ensure forward compatibility between audio devices such as a Sound Bar, A/V Receiver (AVR) and TV.
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CrossLink IP Cores for Mobile Influenced Markets

Check out how CrossLink's collection of IP cores helps you solve design challenges with MIPI interface adoption.
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Lattice Wireless Infrastructure Solutions

Service providers working on the implementation of metro Wi-Fi, LTE small cell for backhaul, or next-gen wireless mesh networks can benefit from Lattice's wireless solutions, built with SiBEAM 60 GHz technology. Our beam-steering feature does not require precise alignment to establish links.

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Lattice Embedded Vision Development Kit

We have combined the bridging capability of our CrossLink FPGA, the low-power, small form factor ECP5 and the high-resolution benefits of our HDMI ASSP, onto this modular platform. Learn about the specs of this development kit and let us help you enable flexible connectivity and energy efficient image processing for robotics, drones, ADAS, smart surveillance and AR/VR systems.

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LATTICE at Embedded World 2017

Lattice Semiconductor showcases product solutions for connectivity and processing at the edge.

CrossLink IP 4 to 1 Expand Image

CrossLink 4:1 CSI-2 Aggregator IP Demo from Lattice Semiconductor

Learn more about Lattice's CrossLink FPGA and its new 4:1 MIPI CSI-2 camera aggregator bridge, ideal for drones, AR/VR, 360 cameras, and other automotive and industrial solutions.

CES Deepak 17Expand Image

Embedded Vision Solutions using Lattice Semiconductor Products

Learn how Lattice products support edge computing applications (video processing acceleration), sensor bridging for machine vision, and stereo vision for robotics and drones.

CES Doug Automotive using ECP5Expand Image

FPGAs in Automotive

Learn how FPGAs can support the needs of modern Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) .

CES Doug Stereo visionExpand Image

Stereo Vision for Robotics using Lattice Semiconductor Products

Lattice CrossLink FPGA, ECP5 FPGA and HDMI ASSP come together to provide one clean and efficient solution for video processing and delivery.

CES JP AutomotiveExpand Image

Lattice Automotive Solutions for ADAS

Using Lattice’s ECP5 FPGA device, we are able to take the images of multiple automotive cameras, stitch them together, and apply many enhancing/correcting benefits to output one final, clean image for the driver.

CES Abdullah Display bassed applications using iCE40Expand Image

Signal Aggregation Solutions with Lattice iCE40 FPGAs

The iCE40 UltraPlus is the world’s smallest FPGAs with enhanced memory & DSPs for reduced system cost, lower power consumption & faster time-to-market. Our sensor data fusion with embedded RISC-V and multi-sensor aggregation demos show why iCE40 UltraPlus is a must for your next consumer device.

CES Abdullah Imaging and Audio signal aggregationExpand Image

Signal Aggregation using Lattice Solutions

We are demonstrating video and audio signal aggregation in products using Lattice iCE40 FPGAs.

CES Abdullah Singal aggregation with iCE40 UltraPlusExpand Image

Signal Aggregation Solutions with Lattice iCE40 FPGAs

The iCE40 UltraPlus is the world’s smallest FPGAs with enhanced memory & DSPs for reduced system cost, lower power consumption & faster time-to-market. Our sensor data fusion with embedded RISC-V and multi-sensor aggregation demos show why iCE40 UltraPlus is a must for your next consumer device.

UltraPlus DHI videoExpand Image

Lattice iCE40 UltraPlus Benefits Demo

Meet iCE40 UltraPlus, the first iCE40 product supporting MIPI D-PHY with LP and HS modes. Learn about additional benefits, like driving a MIPI DSI display along with integrated SRAM memory for frame buffering, in this video.

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Multi CSI-2 Bridge for Camera

Whenever the interface on a camera does not match that of the application processor, a bridge is required. A common application example is muxing or merging multiple MIPI CSI-2 image sensors and combining them to one MIPI CSI-2 output. The CrossLink solution is a camera aggregator used for drones, 360 cameras, action cameras, surveillance and augmented reality applications.

ECP5 VideoExpand Image

ECP5 - FPGA Family

The ECP5 FPGA Family breaks the rule that all FPGAs should be the highest density, power hungry, and expensive. With a focus on compact, high volume applications, Lattice optimized the ECP5 architecture for low cost, small form factor and low power consumption. These characteristics make the ECP5 devices ideal for delivering programmable connectivity solutions to complement ASICs and ASSPs.

Lattice USB Type-C Expand Image

USB Type-C

To enable demonstrations of our USB Type-C solutions to potential customers we have recorded a short video showing our product working as a UFP, DFP and DRP.

SiBEAM Snap ThumbnailExpand Image


Introducing SiBEAM Snap Technology that will changes the way you connect your devices.

MachXO2 Video PosterExpand Image

MachXO2 - Overview

See an overview of the MachXO2 product family. Learn how MachXO2 lowers cost, lowers power and integrates system functionality, all in a small package. See how easy it is to start designing with MachXO2 devices with free design tools, IP trials & reference designs.