DI2CSB: I2C Bus Interface Slave - Base version

DCD LogoI2C is a two-wire, bi-directional serial bus that provides a simple and efficient method of data transmission over a short distance between many devices. The DI2CSB provides an interface between a passive target device e.g. memory, LCD display, pressure sensors etc. and an I2C bus. It can works as a slave receiver or transmitter depending on working mode determined by a master device. Very simple interface, composed with the read, write and data signals, allows easy connection to the target devices. The core doesn't required programming and is ready to work after power up/reset. The read, write, burst read, burst write and repeated start transmissions are automatically recognized by the core. The core incorporates all features required by I2C specification. The DI2CSB supports the following transmission modes: Standard, Fast and High Speed.


  • Conforms to v.2.1 of the I2C specification
  • Slave operation
    • Slave transmitter
    • Slave receiver
  • Support for 3 transmission speed modes
    • Standard (up to 100 kb/s)
    • Fast (up to 400 kb/s)
    • High Speed (up to 3.4 Mb/s)
  • Allows operation from a wide range of input clock frequencies
  • Support for reads, writes, burst reads, burst writes, and repeated start
  • 7-bit addressing
  • No programming required
  • Simple interface allows easy connection to target device e.g. memory, LCD dis-play, pressure sensors etc.
  • Fully synthesizable
  • Static synchronous design with positive edge clocking and synchronous reset
  • No internal tri-states
  • Scan test ready


  • Embedded microprocessor boards
  • Consumer and professional audio/video
  • Home and automotive radio
  • Low-power applications
  • Communication systems
  • Cost-effective reliable automotive systems

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Block Diagram

Performance and Size

Device Speed grade LUTs/PFUs Fmax
SC -7 76/42 323 MHz
ECP2 -7 78/42 317 MHz
ECP2M -7 78/42 317 MHz
EC -5 118/27 203 MHz
ECP -5 118/27 212 MHz
XP -5 118/27 180 MHz
XP2 -7 70/27 163 MHz
ispXPGA -5 79/21 180 MHz
ORCA 4 -3 90/15 129 MHz
ORCA 3 -7 73/17 84 MHz

Ordering Information

This IP core is supported and sold by DCD, contact DCD at support@dcd.pl or visit their website at www.dcd.pl for more information.


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DCD: DI2CSB: I2C Bus Interface Slave - Base version
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