3D Depth Mapping - SGBM Algorithm

Distance Measurement

The Lattice 3D Depth Mapping Demonstration uses a Semi-Global Block Matching (SGBM) algorithm to determine 64 different disparity levels which can be used to determine the distance between an embedded device and an object. The Demonstration buffers the incoming video in DDR memory and performs rectification to separate the left and the right video images to calculate a common plane. The output signal is then transmitted via an HDMI interface.

Based on the low-power, production-priced ECP5 FPGA from Lattice, the 3D Depth Mapping Demonstration showcases how the full computing capability of the ECP5 FPGA can be used in collision avoidance and factory automation sensor applications operating at the network edge.


  • Input: 1080p @ 60fps stereo video
  • Output: 320 x 240 @ 60fps depth map with 64 depth levels
  • Obstacle detection based on minimum distance and collision avoidance
  • Less than 1 W of power consumption in ECP5
  • ECP5 is ready for automotive application with AEC-Q100 qualified devices
  • Source files for this demonstration are available upon request to your Lattice sales representative

Block Diagram

3D Depth Mapping Block Diagram


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3D Depth Mapping Demonstration User Guide
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