ECP5-5G Versa Development Kit

Connectivity Platform with 5G SERDES and DDR3

ECP5-5G connectivity platform - Enables designers to evaluate key connectivity features of the ECP5-5G FPGA, including PCI Express 2.0, Gigabit Ethernet, DDR3 and generic SERDES performance.

Rapid prototyping of user functions - The features of the ECP5-5G Versa board assist with the implementation and testing of the ECP5-5G designs.

Proof-of-concept demos - Several demos are available for download with the board to speed up development of PCI Express 2.0, Gigabit Ethernet, DDR3, soft error correction (SEC) and generic SERDES performance.


  • Half-length PCI Express form-factor : Allows demonstration of PCI Express x1 interconnection
  • Electrical testing of one full-duplex SERDES channel via SMA connections
  • USB-B connection for UART and device programming
  • Two RJ45 interfaces to 10/100/1000 Ethernet to RGMII
  • On-board Boot Flash : 128M Serial SPI Flash
  • DDR3-1866 memory components (64 Mb/x16)1
  • Expansion mezzanine interconnection for prototyping
  • 14-segment alpha-numeric display
  • Switches, LEDs and displays for demo purposes
  • Diamond® programming support
  • On-board reference clock sources

1. ECP5-5G FPGAs support DDR3 memory at data-rates up to 800 Mbps

Diamond Free License - for the ECP5-5G Versa Development Kit Only

If you currently do not have access to the award-winning Lattice Diamond design software (version 3.8 or later), Lattice would like to offer you a special 1-year license, that enables design for the ECP5UM5G-45F FPGA used on the ECP5-5G Versa Board. To request this license, please follow instructions included with your ECP5-5G Versa Development Kit. Please note that this license is valid for Diamond design software (version 3.8 or later) and can be used only with the ECP5-5G Versa Development Kit. This is a limited-time offer.

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Kit Contents

  • ECP5-5G Versa Development Board
  • USB-A to USB-B (Mini) Cable for FPGA programming via a PC
  • 12V AC/DC power adapter and international plug adapters
  • QuickStart Guide

Board Photos

Bottom View

Side View

Ordering Information

  • Ordering Part Number: LFE5UM5G-45F-VERSA-EVN
  • Click here to find an authorized Lattice distributor near you
  • Click here to order now from the Lattice Online Store


Featured Partners

The ECP5-5G Versa Development Board features key components from many partners. Each of these components was chosen to enhance the performance and reliability of the board. To learn more about how these are integrated into the board design, see the board schematics and BOM which are included in the User's Guide (EB98) linked below on this page. Also, follow the links to learn more about these components.


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