PAC-Designer Design Software

Powerful productivity – Design Tools for Power and Clock Management

A perfect fit – PAC-Designer is custom tailored for designing with Power Manager and Platform Manager devices.

Get going, get done – PAC-Designer is the complete implementation and verification solution for Power Manager and Platform Manager devices.

Works well with others – Works seamlessly with Lattice Diamond software to let you easily develop innovative mixed signal solutions.


Lattice sets the industry standard for integrated power, platform and clock management devices, and PAC-Designer design software is the key that unlocks the potential of these solutions for your design.

Move to a More Productive Environment

  • Fully integrated design and simulation environment for Platform Manager, Power Manager II, and ispClock devices
  • High level logic design mechanism
  • Easy-to-use GUI
  • For Platform Manager, PAC-Designer works in conjunction with ispLEVER to form a complete CPLD/FPGA design environment

Trust, but Verify

  • Export VHDL or Verilog HDL models to popular 3rd party HDL simulators
  • Create your power management stimulus graphically
  • Digital waveform simulation for easy design verification
  • Simulate power supply rate

Painless Programming

  • Use Diamond Programmer (included in Lattice Diamond) to download your designs to silicon for Platform Manager
  • For products other than Platform Manager, PAC-Designer can be used directly to program Platform Manager, Power Manager II and ispClock devices


PAC-Designer License (only required for PAC-Designer 5.1 or earlier)

To request a license you will need the following:

  • Lattice website user account
  • Hard drive serial number

Click here to request your license.

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