LZRW3 Data Compression Core

Helion Tech LogoThe Lempel-Ziv (LZ) compression methods are among the most popular algorithms for lossless data compression. LZ methods use a table based compression model where table entries are substituted for repeated strings of data.

LZRW3 is a well known LZ-type algorithm developed by Ross Williams in the 1990s which offers a useful combination of high throughput and good compression performance. It also has the advantage of being very efficient to build in hardware, unlike the majority of compression algorithms which tend to favour software implementations.

The Helion LZRW3 core implements the LZRW3 data compression algorithm in FPGA without the need for external memory storage. It is capable of handling data throughputs in excess of 1 Gigabit/sec, and is ideal for use for improving system performance and efficiency in data communications, networking and data storage applications.


  • Implements the LZRW3 lossless data compression algorithm
  • Available as Compress only, Expand only, or Compressor/Expander core
  • Supports data block sizes from 2K to 32K bytes with data growth protection
  • Completely self-contained; does not require off-chip memory
  • High performance; capable of data throughputs in excess of 1 Gbps
  • Highly optimised for use in each FPGA technology
  • Ideal for improving system performance in data comms and storage applications

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This IP core is supported and sold by Helion Technology, contact Helion Technology at info@heliontech.com or visit their website at www.heliontech.com for more information.


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Helion Technology - LZRW3 Data Compression Core
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