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Lattice Design Group The Lattice Design Group brings our team’s unmatched experience on Lattice products, software and solutions to solve your application challenge.

One of our specialties is customization and integration of Lattice solution stacks. These are comprehensive Lattice-developed solutions used to empower your FPGA application in AI/Machine Learning (Lattice sensAI), Embedded Vision (Lattice mVision) and Security (Lattice Sentry). We’ll help you select, optimize and integrate a solution that best matches your needs.

At Lattice, we understand the challenges of FPGA design: Choosing the right device & package, learning the development tools and flow, integrating IP, and making smart design choices at every step. Let us help you turn your conceptual idea or design problem statement into a fully-optimized FPGA solution.


  • Comprehensive services including
    • Design optimization, development & consulting
    • Target device recommendations
    • Custom RTL development
    • Implementation of custom specifications or logical functions
    • IP Integration
    • Simulation and test benches
    • Training
  • Customization and integration of Lattice solutions & IP including
    • Lattice sensAI
    • Lattice mVision
    • Lattice Sentry
    • Lattice IP and RD catalog
    • Third-party IP integration
  • Worldwide Support

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Case Studies

Lattice mVision Solution with IP customization in CrossLink-NX

  • Combined standard Lattice mVision IP blocks with custom logic
  • CSI2/DSI D-PHY Rx and Tx blocks customized to pass processor commands
  • Design process included design optimization, IP customization & integration, simulation & test bench, and debugging

Lattice Sentry Solution with PFR in MachXO3D

  • Customized Lattice Sentry PFR solution with customer-specific timing modifications
  • Included custom logic for housekeeping functions, plus MachXO3D secure on-chip User Flash Memory (UFM)
  • Design process included modification of Lattice Propel RISC-V code, IP integration and implementation of client specifications

Lattice sensAI Solution for Low-cost Human Face and expression Detection in iCE40 UltraPlus

  • Custom solution using Lattice sensAI for 2-stage Machine Learning in mobile application
  • iCE40 UltraPlus selected for unmatched low-power and small size
  • Supplemental functions implemented with custom RTL

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