MIPI CSI-2 Receive Bridge

Flexible MIPI (Mobile Industry Processor Interface) CSI-2 Receive Bridge - Allows a mobile CSI-2 (Camera Serial Interface) image sensor to interface to an embedded Image Signal Processor, ISP. Tested wtih Sony IMX169 CSI2-to-Parallel Bridge Board plugged into XO2 DSIB LCMXO2-4000HE-DSIB-EVN on the HDR-60 (High Dynamic Range).

MIPI CSI2 Diagram

Custom Configuration - Click the start here button below and complete the CSI-2 Rx configuration form. We will send you an HDL (Hardware Description Language) netlist for your specific CSI-2 Rx requirements.

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Alternatively you can download the default CSI-2 receive design for the Sony IMX169 image sensor, which is RAW10 bit mode.

  • Supports CSI-2 High Speed Differential Signaling
  • From 1-4 lanes of CSI-2 at up to ~ 800Mbps 
  • Typical power for 2 data lane bridge running at 700Mbps is 20mW
  • Typical power for 4 data lane bridge running at 700Mbps is 32mW
  • Parallel output to ISP
  • Output bus width from 6-24 bits
  • RAW, YUV or RGB supported

MIPI CSI-2 Image Sensor bridge to a parallel bus ISP

MIPI CSI-2 Receive Bridge Product Brochure

Camera Solutions Product Brief IO232 4/25/2013 PDF 2.8 MB
MIPI Display Serial Interface Solution Product Flyer 12.2 10/22/2013 PDF 1.1 MB

MIPI CSI-2 Receive Bridge User Manual

MIPI DPHY DSI/CSI-2 Example Schematic 1.0 10/29/2013 PDF 72.6 KB

MIPI CSI-2 Receive Bridge Reference Design

CSI2 to Parallel Design for 10bit, 2 CSI2 Data Lanes 5/22/2013 ZIP 5.1 MB
D-PHY Reference Design RD1182 7/31/2013 ZIP 2.9 MB
MIPI CSI-2-to-CMOS Parallel Sensor Bridge RD1146 1.2 12/12/2013 PDF 4.2 MB
MIPI D-PHY Interface IP - Documentation RD1182 1.3 1/2/2014 PDF 2.9 MB

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