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Lattice solutions help you keep innovating while staying within your cost, power, size and schedule targets. Whether you're designing high-volume mobile handsets or leading-edge telecom infrastructure, our low cost, low power FPGAs, CPLDs and Power Management devices will help you bring your ideas to market faster – ahead of your competition.


Market Solutions

Whether you're designing high-volume mobile handsets or leading-edge telecom infrastructure, Lattice delivers a low power, low cost solution that is right for you.
Lattice Solutions help you quickly find resources pertaining to your design application. We've mapped content such as system diagrams, reference designs, applications notes, IP Cores, and technical briefs to applications often implemented with Lattice products. To see what Lattice offers, select your area of interest from the categories below.

Lattice Semiconductor Partners

Partner Solutions

Lattice provides end-to-end solutions in collaboration with leading semiconductor vendors. These solutions give you an interoperable ecosystem that allows for a truly plug-and-play FPGA-based design.


Technology Solutions

Learn about Lattice's unique, innovative, and practical technology solutions that span its FPGA, CPLD and Power Manager product families.


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About Lattice Semiconductor

Lattice Semiconductor (NASDAQ: LSCC) is the World’s leading provider of ultra-low-power programmable IC solutions for makers of smartphones, mobile handheld devices, small-cell networking equipment, industrial control, automotive infotainment, and much more. With more than 1 billion units sold over the past 10 years, Lattice ships more FPGAs, CPLDs and Power Management solutions than any other programmable solutions vendor. For more information, visit You can also follow us via Twitter, Facebook, or RSS.

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