Standard SDRAM Controller for ispMACH Devices

Reference Design LogoThis high-performance Synchronous DRAM controller has been optimized for use in Lattice's MACH family of PLDs. This SDRAM Controller is designed to interface to standard microprocessors, independent of the processor type. The design as shown supports two 16MB memory regions configured as 4 M x 32 bits. The Application Note shows the user where changes can be made to support other functions. For instance, changing byte enable inputs and address inputs will change the width and size of this design. This design assumes the reader has experience implementing page mode DRAM systems.

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Block Diagram

Standard SDRAM Controller for ispMACH Devices Block Diagram

Performance and Size

Tested Devices* Date Language Testbench Performance I/O Pins Design Size
ispMACH4A Jul-01 Verilog/VHDL Yes-Verilog 153MHz 59 57 macrocells

* May work in other devices as well.

Note: The performance and design sizes shown above are estimates only. The actual results may vary depending upon the chosen parameters, timing constraints, and device implementation. See the design's documentation for details. All coding and design work was done on a PC platform unless noted otherwise.


Technical Resources
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Download the SDRAM Controller VHDL Source Code
RD1007 7/1/2001 ZIP 177.4 KB
Download the SDRAM Controller Verilog Source Code
RD1007 7/1/2001 ZIP 182.8 KB
Designing a High Performance SDRAM Controller Using ispMACH Devices
Also download the source code below
RD1007 2/1/2002 PDF 603 KB

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