ECC Module Reference Design

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Reference Design LogoThis reference design implements an Error Correction Code (ECC) module for the LatticeEC™ and LatticeSC™ FPGA families that can be applied to increase memory reliability in critical applications. The ECC module provides Single Error Correction - Double Error Detection (SECDED) capability based on a class of optimal minimum oddweight error parity codes that provides better performance than typical Hamming-based SECDED codes. Several architecture options are identified that allow the user to optimally tailor the speed, resource utilization, and latency of the module implementation to their specific application requirements.


  • SECDED capability implemented using an optimal odd-weight parity matrix that provides better performance than typical Hamming-based codes
  • Directly usable code for a (72,64) SECDED module provided. Specifications provided for similar (22,16) and (39,32) modules
  • Separate registered encoder and decoder modules to support optimized integration with user logic
  • Optional pipelining implementation to provide increased maximum speed of operation
  • Error insertion/error indication diagnostic capabilities

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Block Diagram

ECC Module Reference Design

Performance and Size

Device Configuration Resource Utilization (Slices/LUTs/ Regs) fMAX
LFEC20, -5 Non-pipelined 267/388/350 130MHz
LFEC20, -5 Pipelined 329/378/496 215MHz
LFEC20, -5 Non-registered, logic only 120/237/0 -


Technical Resources
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ECC Module
RD1025 01.1 10/16/2012 PDF 918.1 KB
ECC Module - Source Code
RD1025 1.1 10/16/2012 ZIP 386 KB

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