Lattice In The News

Title Publication Date
An AnandTech Interview with Jim Anderson, CEO of Lattice Semiconductor AnandTech August 20, 2021
Lattice Semiconductor: Leading The Next Wave of FPGA Innovation Semiconductor Review July 15, 2021
Lattice Semiconductor Launches CertusPro-NX FPGAs For The Edge And Updates Core Application Software Forbes June 25, 2021
Lattice Sets Midrange FPGA Collision The Microprocessor Report (The Linley Group) May 24, 2021
Lattice Powers-up Industry 4.0 EE Journal May 18, 2021
Lattice Semiconductor Increases Guidance, Introduces New Products and Goes After New Markets At Its Analyst Day Forbes May 13, 2021
Lattice Semiconductor CEO: we're moving into a new phase of accelerated growth Yahoo! Finance May 12, 2021
Automate Motor Control with a Smart FPGA Electronic Design May 12, 2021
Lattice Aims New Stack At Industrial Automation Market Fierce Electronics May 11, 2021
All eyes are on semiconductor companies amid chip shortage — investors should be looking at these four lesser-known names MarketWatch May 7, 2021
Yay! Finally! A Way to Secure the Supply Chain! EE Journal March 18, 2021
Lattice Semiconductor Updates Solutions Stack With MVision 2.0 And Sentry 2.0 Forbes March 12, 2021
Pre-boot Security Gets More Secure Electronic Design March 1, 2021
Lattice Launches Mach-NX EE Journal December 22, 2020
Managing Hardware Root-of-Trust for Multiple Serial Devices Electronic Design December 13, 2020
New Lattice FPGAs Enable Real-Time Hardware Root-of-Trust December 11, 2020
Lattice Semiconductor Launches New FPGA for Cyber-resilient Systems Forbes December 9, 2020
General-purpose FPGAs: An Innovation-less Decade Embedded Computing Design November 24, 2020
Lattice Semiconductor Defense Event: The Best Defense Is A Clearly Differentiated Defense Portfolio Futurum Research October 9, 2020
Bringing Laptops into the 2020s: FPGAs Help Deliver AI Functionality Electronic Design October 1, 2020
What Enables AI at the Edge? EE Times September 8, 2020
Handling Radiation in SRAM-Based FPGAs, Part 2 EE Journal August 27, 2020
The Importance of Functional Safety Telematics Wire August 25, 2020
Handling Radiation in SRAM-based FPGAs, Part 1 EE Journal August 20, 2020
FPGA-Based Security Platform Thwarts Firmware Attacks Electronic Design August 20, 2020
Lattice Targets Supply Chain Security With New Sentry And SupplyGuard Announcements Forbes August 12, 2020
Lattice Launches Certus-NX EE Journal July 7, 2020
Lattice’s New Certus-NX FPGAs Bring New Meaning To Low Power And Fast Execution Forbes June 25, 2020
Lattice Reinvents General Purpose FPGA Offering EE Times June 24, 2020
Low Power FPGA Targets Low Cost Apps Electronic Design June 24, 2020
FPGA Shrinks Size and Power 5G Technology World June 24, 2020
Making FPGA SoC Easier EE Journal June 10, 2020
Lattice mVision Stack: Powering Up Low Power Embedded Vision EE Journal March 3, 2020
Legacy DRAM Finds Its Way to the Edge EE Times February 5, 2020
Lattice First With FPGA in FD-SOI Microprocessor Report (The Linley Group) February 4, 2020
Low-Power FD-SOI FPGA Melds AI and Bridging Electronic Design January 8, 2020
Getting Started with Lattice Semiconductor's FPGAs DigiKey December 18, 2019
FPGAs minimize power consumption EDN December 16, 2019
Lattice Unveils Low-Power FPGA Platform, Updates Lattice Design Software Embedded Computing Design December 12, 2019
FPGA platform enables low-power edge apps Fierce Electronics December 11, 2019
Lattice Unveils First FPGAs on FD-SOI EE Times December 11, 2019
FPGAs on FDSOI available from Lattice EE News December 11, 2019
Lattice Semiconductor Likely Maintains Its Low-Power FPGA Advantage Into 2021 With Lattice Nexus Platform And CrossLink-NX FPGAs Forbes December 10, 2019
Lattice picks FD-SOI and redesigns FPGAs for embedded vision and edge AI Electronics Weekly December 10, 2019
Lattice Sampling CrossLinkPlus FPGAs for Embedded Vision Systems Forbes October 31, 2019
Companies Clash Over AI at the Edge EE Times October 30, 2019
Lattice CrossLinkPlus: Flashback Future FPGAs EE Journal October 29, 2019
Developing Vision Systems with Dissimilar Sensors Electronic Design October 18, 2019
Addressing the Need for Increased Hardware Security Embedded Computing Design October 3, 2019
Lattice launches small, low-power FPGAs for multi-sensor vision systems Electronics Weekly October 1, 2019
Instant-On Video Bridge Affirms Lattice Refocus EE Times September 30, 2019
FPGA Bridges MIPI and More Electronic Design September 30, 2019
Invest in hardware root of trust to ensure IoT security IoT Agenda September 9, 2019
How Should We Rate Lattice Semiconductor CEO Jim Anderson After One Year? Forbes September 4, 2019
Lattice's New MachXO3D Security FPGA And Updated sensAI Look Compelling Forbes July 16, 2019
Lattice sensAI Ups Performance by 10X For Smart Edge Devices Embedded Computing Design July 10, 2019
Edge FPGAs for Security and AI EE Journal May 30, 2019
Secure FPGAs Can Be a Root-of-Trust Electronic Design May 29, 2019
Lattice Semiconductor Looks Like A Different Company At Its Financial Analyst Day Forbes May 22, 2019
Lattice Adds Hardware Security; Improves AI EE Times May 21, 2019
Brainstorm: What's the Next Big Advancement in Smart Home Tech? ECN May 7, 2019
Low-Power FPGAs Solve Intelligent Vision Challenges Electronic Component News April 8, 2019
11 Myths About Artificial Intelligence and the Edge Electronic Design March 6, 2019
Lattice Enables Low-Power AI at the Edge Electronics Weekly February 26, 2019
Lattice thinks it has low-power FPGA market cornered Rethink Research February 1, 2019
Lattice Raises the Bar on Low Power AI EE Journal October 4, 2018
Low-Cost, Low-Power AI on the Edge EE Web September 25, 2018
FPGA Board Moves Vision-System Processing Up Front Electronic Design April 18, 2018
Lattice Adds Snap 60GHz Modules Electronics Weekly February 21, 2018
Bridging Machine Learning's Divide Semiconductor Engineering February 8, 2018
Change Is In The Air - 60 GHz Infrastructure Boosted By Regulatory Reform Flarrio January 19, 2018
Predictions: Manufacturing, Devices And Companies SemiEngineering January 11, 2018
Machine Learning's Growing Divide SemiEngineering January 11, 2018
Lattice Semiconductor Introduces HDMI 2.1 eARC Chips AVS Forum December 14, 2017
Press Heralds Lattice Semi’s Move to FD-SOI Advanced Substrate News December 11, 2017
Like Fiber in the Sky EE Journal December 5, 2017
Lattice 60GHz Modules Allow Beam Steering eeNews Analog December 4, 2017
License-Free 60GHz Radio For Gigabit-Class Wireless Infrastructures eeNews Europe December 4, 2017
Modules ease 60GHz point-to-point comms Electronics Weekly December 4, 2017
Lattice Lives on the Edge EE Journal November 15, 2017
New Bridging Capabilities Address Needs of Mobile-Influenced Markets EECatalog September 28, 2017
Sensing Big Opportunities in IoT BW CIO World India September 25, 2017
Glen Hawk from Lattice Semi talks about Edge Computing EE Times November 22, 2017
Lattice Embraces FD-SOI Electronics Weekly November 22, 2017
Distributed PLD Solution for Reduced Server Cost and Increased Flexibility Electronic Products September 20, 2017
FPGA Enables Low-Latency Concurrent Sensor Processing Sensors Online September 19, 2017
Next-Gen SteamVR Hardware Will Process Tracking Data On Board Tom’s Hardware September 18, 2017
Enabling Machine Learning At The Edge Flarrio September 17, 2017
Smart Connectivity Solutions Enable Seamless and Immersive AR/VR Experiences Embedded August 31, 2017
IP Cores Feature Building Blocks For Creation Of Unique Video Bridging Applications Microcontroller Tips August 29, 2017
Modular IP Cores Ease Video Bridging eeNews Europe August 29, 2017
Implementation Of Artificial Neural Networks At The Edge Flarrio August 7, 2017
Lattice Semiconductor - 30+ Years of Providing Energy-Efficient, Cost-Effective Solutions That Enable Innovation at the Edge Hosting Advice July 13, 2017
FPGA Reference Designs Span Security, Crypto, Machine Learning eeDesign Europe June 28, 2017
60 GHz Wireless SiBEAM Technology Transmits Blu-ray Quality Video EE News Europe June 12, 2017
FPGA Enables Energy-efficient Embedded Vision Processing at the Edge Flaherty Publishing June 12, 2017
Video Interview - Lattice Semiconductor on Smart Connectivity Advances Electronics Weekly March 15, 2017
FPGA Chipmakers Get Ready for Primetime Source Today March 10, 2017
Lattice Semiconductor Expands CrossLink Programmable ASSP (pASSP) IP Solutions EE Journal February 22, 2017
SILORA R&D Delivers HDMI 2.0 4K 60Hz 4:4:4 HDBaseT 100m Extender Over A Single Cat5e Cable With HDR Support CIE Online February 10, 2017
Reference Design Transmits Ultra-HD TV At 18Gbit/s Electronics Weekly February 8, 2017
Abdullah Raouf of Lattice Semi on their Embedded Technology Power Systems Design January 30, 2017
TPCAST And Lattice Partner To Integrate WirelessHD Tech Into Vive Add-On Kit UploadVR January 27, 2017
Abdullah Raouf of Lattice on Their Latest Low-power FPGAs, IC3, and iCE40 UltraPlus Power Systems Design January 26, 2017
HDMI 2.1 To Bring Robust Home Theater Experience January 19, 2017
Using FPGAs in Mobile Heterogeneous Computing Architectures EE Times January 13, 2017
Lattice Introduces iCE40 UltraPlus High-performance Low-power FPGAs EE Times December 22, 2016
Lattice iCE40 UltraPlus The New Tiniest Mightiest FPGA EE Journal December 20, 2016
40nm Technology Reinvigorated Semiconductor Engineering December 15, 2016
Lattice Just Announced iCE40 UltraPlus VR World December 14, 2016
Low-Power Configurability Can Be Had For Mobile And IoT Edge Devices Embedded Computing December 13, 2016
FPGAs Take On Multi-Sensor Signal Processing At IoT Edge Nodes EDN Europe December 13, 2016
Energy-Efficient FPGA Acceleration Takes Only 2.15x2.55mm EE Times Europe December 12, 2016
FPGAs Increase Memory And DSP For Always-On IoT Design Electronic Specifier December 12, 2016
Lattice Gives iCE40 More Power, I/O And Memory Electronics Weekly December 12, 2016
Lattice Expands iCE40 Range, Targets Sensor Aggregation New Electronics December 12, 2016
Lattice Semiconductor Advances FPGA Capabilities ZDNet December 12, 2016
Time for a New Approach to Video Bridging EE Catalog December 1, 2016
Lattice Semiconductor and NDS Surgical Imaging Partner on 60 GHz for Medical Devices EE Times November 14, 2016
Lattice Semiconductor to be Acquired for $1.3 Billion EE Times November 3, 2016
Q&A: Exploring Millimeter Waves for a New Breed of Devices Electronic Design October 24, 2016
A Diverse Set of Applications Shows the Versatility of the 60 GHz Band EE Web October 2016
Epson Offers Up Five Video Projectors With 4K Enhancement And HDR (Home Theater) September 21, 2016
TWiT (This Week in Tech) Live Specials 296 - Intel Developer Forum 2016 (Lattice segment starts at 20:48) TWiT August 17, 2016
FPGAs Solve Challenges at the Core of IoT Implementation EDN July 4, 2016
Q&A: Addressing the Video Interface Divide Electronic Design June 29, 2016
Comparing CPLD-Based Circuit Board Power Management Architectures EEWorld Online June 16, 2016
Gigabit Wireless: 60 GHz is the Next Frontier Elettronica Plus May 20, 2016
Video Bridging Solution Promises New Level of Design Flexibility and Innovation Electronic Products May 19, 2016
Programmable ASSP (pASSP) I/F Bridge for Mobile Image Sensors & Displays EE Times May 19, 2016
Lattice Semiconductor - Low Cost Video Interface Bridge with High Bandwidth, Low Power and Small Footprint Electropages May 19, 2016
Bridge of SPIs EE Catalog May 18, 2016
Video Interface Bridge ICS Target Mobile Electronic Products May 18, 2016
First Programmable ASSP (pASSP) Interface Bridge eeDesignIt May 17, 2016
The World's Best Multiplexer - Lattice CrossLink pASSP Fits into the Odd Spaces in New Designs EE Journal May 17, 2016
Programmable ASSP Interface Bridge for Mobile Image Sensors and Displays EDN Europe May 17, 2016
This Programmable ASSP Can Bridge Those Interface Gaps Electropages May 17, 2016
Programmable ASSP (pASSP) Interface Bridge Electronic Product Design & Test May 17, 2016
Programmable Bridging Device Resolves Interface Mismatches Electronic Specifier May 17, 2016
Programmable ASSP Interface Bridge for Mobile Image Sensors May 17, 2016
Video Bridging Solution Promises New Level of Design Flexibility and Innovation CIO Review May 16, 2016
Lattice Bridge IC Brings Mobile Display Interfaces to Industrial Apps Electronics Weekly May 16, 2016
Lattice Announces pASSP Interface Bridge for Mobile Image Sensors and Displays Evaluation Engineering May 16, 2016
Programmable Video Bridge Said to Be First in "New Product Category" May 16, 2016
superMHL: Bringing Connectivity Home Electronics Components World April 5, 2016
Blending USB Type-C with MHL Electronic Design April 1, 2016
Lattice and MediaTek Want to Drive 4K Video over USB Type-C Display Daily April 1, 2016
Will superMHL Replace HDMI? CEPro March 21, 2016
Lattice and Mediatek Announce superMHL Smartphone Reference Designs Supporting 4K over USB-C CNXSoft March 16, 2016
Making Mobile Video Move: Lattice Bolsters USB Type-C Solutions EE Journal March 16, 2016
Power Efficient 4K Video Solution over USB Type-C Electronic Product Design & Test March 15, 2016
Lattice and MediaTek to Collaborate on Reference Smartphones for SuperMHL over USB-C AnandTech March 15, 2016
USB-C Moves Amazing 4K Video from Phone to TVs March 15, 2016
Lattice and MediaTek Deliver Reference Designs for 4K USB Type-C Embedded Computing March 15, 2016
Companies Deliver Power Efficient 4K Video Solution over USB type-C Electronic Specifier March 15, 2016
4K Rides USB-C for Handsets EE Times March 14, 2016
The Humble USB Type-C Connector Can Deliver Amazing 4K Video to Screens VentureBeat March 14, 2016
The USB That Can Finally Handle 4K: Type-C for UHD Video Transfer from Phones and Other Devices 4K March 14, 2016
MediaTek Uses Lattice Chipset to Drive 4K Video in Smartphones Electronics Weekly March 14, 2016
Solving the Wireless Bandwidth Crunch with 60 GHz Millimeter-Wave Technologies New-TechEurope February 22, 2016
Comparing CPLD-Based Circuit Board Power Management Architectures EE Times February 9, 2016
Researchers Use Software-Defined Radio for Testing Millimeter-Wave Antennas Microwaves and RF February 2, 2016
Why That Crazy-Fast Home Internet Replacement May Be too Good to be True CNET February 1, 2016
Test-bed Will Accelerate Ultrafast 5G Implementation Electropages January 29, 2016
SiBEAM, NI, Join 5G mmWave Exploratory Study EDN Europe January 21, 2016
Open Source Test-bed for Ultra-fast 5G: in the Making EE Times Europe January 21, 2016
NYU Wireless Spearheads New Testbed for mmWave Spectrum FierceWirelessTech January 20, 2016
NYU Wins NSF Grant to Build mmWave Testbed Telecompaper January 19, 2016
CES 2016 in the Rear View Mirror HDTV Expert January 14, 2016
Video Connectivity Excitement The Peggy Smedley Show January 8, 2016
Qualcomm Quick Charge Now Supported by the Lattice Flexible Charging Controller Mobility Techzone January 8, 2016
The loT is a Thing, But What is it Really? CMS Wire January 8, 2016
Q&A: What You Need to Know About USB Type-C Electronic Design January 7, 2016
Lattice’s Flexible Charging Controller Supports Qualcomm Quick Charge Battery Power Magazine January 6, 2016
USB Type-C Unplugged Electronic Design December 17, 2015
Crunch Busters Electronic Specifier December 15, 2015
Crunch Busters Electronic Specifier December 1, 2015
Lattice Semiconductor Expands USB Type-C Product Range New Electronics August 20, 2015
superMHL Chips Arrive on the Scene TWICE August 5, 2015
Lattice Semiconductor Brings superMHL Compatibility to USB 3.1 Type-C August 5, 2015
Will the World Coalesce Around USB Type-C? EE Times August 3, 2015
Lattice Semiconductor Outs Pair of superMHL Chipsets, Hopes to Enable Easier Implementation Tom’s Hardware August 3, 2015
Lattice Announces First superMHL Chips: SiI8630 & SiI9396 AnandTech. August 3, 2015