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Diamond 3.12 and below: Why does the IP server for IPExpress and Clarity Designer does not work on Diamond?

As a part of Lattice's on-going efforts for best-in-class security, Lattice has upgraded the IP and webserver URLs referenced by the Diamond software.
The impact to customers using Diamond is that:

1. They will not receive Diamond software update notifications when they launch Diamond

  • You will have to download an update directly from:

2. They will not be able to download IP on the IP Server from within the Diamond Software.
The following workarounds are suggested for IP server access:
Pre-requisites for workarounds 1 and 2:

  • If you are not already using Diamond 3.12 SP1, update to Diamond 3.12 SP1 from:



  • Download and install the patch to update Diamond's network settings from the following address:


Workaround 2:

  • Update the existing lvnetset.ini from the following locations:

a. On Windows: /data/lvnetset.ini

b. On Linux: /data/lvnetset.ini

  • Replace the contents of lvnetset.ini with the below text:

IP_Server_Url =
Web_Url =
Server_Url =
Active_Url =
Upload_Url =

Workaround 3:

If you are unable to update Diamond to 3.12 SP1 or want to use an earlier version, you can also directly download and install IP from a web browser

  1. Directly access the IP server using a web browser from the following link:

  2. Go to [os]/exefile folder and find a target IP installer. Most IPs and their versions are self-explanatory.

  3. If the IP information is needed, go to [os]/aboutfile and open the matching html file with the corresponding name.

  4. Download the installer from the browser by clicking on the desired installer name.

  5. Manually install the IP by executing the downloaded installer.