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Does SiI9777 support asserting of INT pin when VSIF which is included in receiving HDMI signal changes?

When VS infoframe is received, internal FW will check if incoming video format has been changed and assert interrupt as Video format change. There is no direct notification of VS infoframe change notification.

For HDR infoframe, it will be notified as HDR infoframe change notification.

It is enabled at the time of calling "Sii9777EventFlagsMaskSet". It is mapped as below:
#define SII9777_EVENT_FLAGS__HDR_CHNG ((Sii9777EventFlags_t)0x00080000) //!< Incoming HDR info changed, @see Sii9777HdrQuery()

But it may be already enabled if you use "SII9777_EVENT_FLAGS__ALL" macro.
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