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I am having installation problems with ispLEVER Starter.

Due to the differences in hardware and software, there are several potential reasons why ispLEVER Starter may have installation problems. Below is a list of things to check and try when diagnosing an ispLEVER Starter problem.

  1. The most common problem a user has is that they do not have administrator privileges on their computer. The user must make sure he/she has full rights in the computer before installing the software. If you do not have these, most likely your installation will fail somewhere during install, or will fail to load after installing. 
  2. Try doing a completely clean install. Again, please make sure you have administrator privileges. 
    1. Remove any old versions of ispLEVER Starter. This may vary depending on your version of Windows, but it is usually under "Start" -> "Control Panel" -> "Add Remove Programs". This is assuming you do NOT have a copy of ispLEVER full (not starter). Starter is not superior to the full version.
    2. Next, follow the procedure given on the ispLEVER Starter software page. Start by installing the Primary Module.
    3. Then fill out the form to request the Synplify module. ispLEVER Starter will not work without Synplify. After receiving it, install the Synplify module.
    4. Finally, you can optionally install the Aldec Module.
  3. Make sure you request a current license. If you have an old license, or a license for a different computer ispLEVER Starter may not work.
  4. Check to make sure you have put the license file in the correct location. It should be under C:\<ispLEVER Starter install directory>\license.
  5. Check to make sure the LM_LICENSE_FILE environmental variable is pointing to the correct location of your license.dat file. It is also best to put your ispLEVER Starter license path first, especially if you are having licensing issues, as this should ensure the ispLEVER Starter license is looked at first.
  6. For computers with multiple network adapters, it's possible that the MAC address that was sent in to the license administrator was incorrect. Generally the tools look for the wired MAC address. If you are getting an ispsys.ini error message, most likely you have sent in the wrong MAC address. Please reapply for a new license with your wired MAC address.