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Do I need to purchase "28-pin converter" to program a Lattice Device with my Model 300 Programmer?

Lattice provides a wide array of adapters for programming Lattice products via a desktop programmer from Lattice or 3rd party vendor.

A 28-pin converter (Lattice Part Number "pDS4102N-28P2SAB") is required for use with Lattice socket adapters only if Lattice-approved 3rd party desktop programming hardware is used. For the Lattice Model 300 programmer and the Lattice Socket adapter, the "28 pin converter" is not required.

Every Lattice socket adapter features an interface at the bottom to a standard 28-pin socket. The top of the socket adapter is specific to a Lattice device package type. Programming signals from the Model 300 programmer are routed to the appropriate device programming pins via the socket adapter.

Please find the document on Lattice Socket Adapters for more details on adapters to program a Lattice device.