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Does Lattice provide any test data for MachXO2 device subjected to atmospheric neutrons ?

The Reliability report for the MachXO2 Product Family has data on Soft Error Rate (SER) testing. SER testing is conducted to characterize the sensitivity of SRAM storage and device logic elements to High Energy Neutron and Alpha Particle radiation. Charge induced by the impact of these particles can collect at sensitive nodes in the device, and result in changes in the internal electrical states of the device. While these changes do not cause physical damage to the device, they can cause a logical error in device operation.

Neutron SRAM SER Rate \u2013 This characteristic is the rate of upset of Configuration RAM and Embedded Block RAM (EBR) cells during neutron testing. Devices were configured with a logic pattern, exposed to measured neutron doses, and the device configuration was read back from the device. Changed bits are identified through pattern comparison. Neutron testing is normalized to the published neutron flux rate for New York City at sea level. This rate is measured as Failures in Time (FITs) normalized per million bits in the device to allow for translation across the device families densities.

The MACHXO2 Product Qualification Summary has details of the test and data in Section 6, Page 23.