USB to I/O Aggregation and Bridging Demonstration

Accelerating USB 2.0/3.2 (5 Gbps) Interface Innovation

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The USB to I/O Aggregation and Bridging Demo shows the capabilities of the Lattice FPGA and implements the USB 2.0/3.2 (5 Gbps) Interface Innovation. This demonstration provides plug-and-play peripheral expansion on USB-enabled FPGA and signal protocol conversion from USB to I2C, SPI, and GPIO.

USB Bridging Demonstration – Demo bitstream available now. Signal protocol conversion from USB 2.0 to I2C.

CrossLinkU-NX Evaluation Board – This demo is targeted to the Lattice CrosslinkU-NX 33K FPGA in FCCSP104 package, the first vision processing FPGA with hardened USB.

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