DisplayPort Transmit Demo

DisplayPort 1.4a Interface for Low-Power, Production-Priced ECP5

HDMI to DisplayPort Demo - Based on Lattice's ecosystem of boards for the Video Interface Platform, the demo converts HDMI Input to DisplayPort Output on the Embedded Vision Development Kit and is easy to setup using the HDMI VIP Input Board, ECP5 VIP Processor Board and DisplayPort VIP Output Board.

Rapid Development Platform - Demonstration uses Bitec's IP with rich features and is parameterizable and compliant with DisplayPort 1.4a (including eDP 1.4 support) running on low-power, production-priced ECP5 devices.

Bitec DisplayPort IP Core - DisplayPort interface utilizes the energy efficient ECP5 SERDES block for up to 4-lanes support, with 2.7 Gbps per lane data rates to support resolutions of up to 1080p60.


  • Uses Bitec’s DisplayPort IP Core with support for embedded DisplayPort features
  • DP 1.4a functionality with up to 4-lane support with single/dual/quad pixel modes
  • Supports link of up to 2.7 Gbps line rate
  • Up to 16-bit color support with RGB/ YCbCr formats
  • Optional HDCP support and 8-Channel audio

Visit Bitec's DisplayPort IP page to download the demo bitstream.

Block Diagram

HDMI to DisplayPort Demo on VIP

  • Compatible with standard interfaces (HDMI and DisplayPort) for quick and easy setup.
  • Supports embedded DisplayPort (eDP) for direct drive panels.
  • ECP5 based solution with support up to 1080p60 resolution.