Lattice Sentry ESB Mux IP Core for MachXO3D

APB-HSP Interfaced Mux used for Platform Firmware Resiliency

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Security Block Access – Mux enables FPGA IP to access the embedded security block (ESB) of the MachXO3D simultaneously with internal crytographic operations.

Integrated into Sentry MachXO3D Solutions Stack – Designed into the Sentry Platform Firmware Resiliency solution to enable internal and external crytographic functionality.

Tested and Fully Validated – This resilient IP is a pre-built security component which is part of the Lattice Sentry Platform Root of Trust solutions stack and is ready to be integrated with your custom IP.


  • Converts the Wishbone interface of the ESB to an APB interface
  • Provides separate interface ports for the APB and HSP plus an internal mux to select between the two
  • Support for AMBA 3 APB Protocol v1.0 for RISC-V CPU access
Lattice Sentry

Block Diagram

Embedded Security Block Mux Block Diagram

Ordering Information

License for this IP core is included with the following:

Family Part Number Description
MachXO3D SENTRY-PFR-XO3D-U Lattice Sentry PFR IP Package for MachXO3D - Single design License
MachXO3D SENTRY-PFR-XO3D-UT Lattice Sentry PFR IP Package for MachXO3D - Multi-Site License

You will also need the MachXO3D Encryption Security Block License to use key features of this IP in the Lattice Diamond software.

Family Part Number Description
MachXO3D SECURITY-XO3D-SW MachXO3D Encryption Security Block License


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Lattice Sentry Embedded Security Block Mux - User's Guide
FPGA-IPUG-02107 1.0 8/12/2020 PDF 777.2 KB

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