Baseline and Extended JPEG Decoder

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JPEG decompression IP core supports Baseline Sequential DCT and the Extended Sequential DCT modes of the ISO/IEC 10918-1 standard.

Cast LogoAn area efficient, high performance JPEG decoder core for FPGA with very low processing latency.

JPEG-DX-S Decoder decompresses JPEG images and the video payload for Motion JPEG container formats for images with 8- or 12-bit color samples and up to four color components, in all widely-used color subsampling formats.

  • Single-frame JPEG images and Motion JPEG payloads with four colour components, with 8- or 12-bit colour samples
  • Multiple interface support like, AXI Streaming pixel compressed stream interfaces, and APB Control/Status interface
  • High performance Synthesis-time configurable scalable throughput with up to 32 samples per clock cycle
  • Easy to integrate, requires no programming or control from host, with marker syntax errors detection and reporting
  • Optional Block-to-Raster Con-version with AXI or standard memory interface towards the lines buffer




ファミリ ロジック使用率 ブロックRAM DSP FMAX (MHz)
ECP5U / LAE5U-12F 8,340 Slices
11,843 LUT4s
9 8 70


このIPコアはCASTにより販売・サポートされています。詳しい情報は にてCASTにお問い合わせ頂くか、www.cast-inc.comをご覧ください。


Information Resources
CAST’s JPEG-DX-S Core Product Brief
1.0 5/29/2018 PDF 297.8 KB

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