User Tracking and Onlooker Detection Demonstration

CNN accelerated user detection and tracking using Low Power Lattice FPGAs

Making edge devices smarter and more aware – Lattice sensAI smart vision sensing technology tracks device user's attention and intent to use making edge devices smarter and more aware of their surroundings than ever before.

Protecting User Privacy – by tracking onlookers and their intent to look onto the user screen content, Lattice vision sensing technology safeguards the user data against visual hacking.


  • Accelerated, low-power object detection demo
  • Detect the main user and onlooker and their focus on the user screen
  • Based on Mobilenet v1 network
  • Total application power consumption of CrossLink-NX FPGA is less than 80 mW
  • Processing at up to 60 FPS and 160x160 resolution

Block Diagram

Object Classification demo BD


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