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Lattice has set its sights on VR. We offer a diverse portfolio of low latency, high bandwidth solutions that are able to meet the needs of any head mount display type, including:

  • Simple all-in-one video, data and power connectivity solutions for tethered mobile VR
  • Wireless 60 GHz and wired HDMI solutions for PC VR
  • Flexible video and interface bridging for specialty displays

We’ve got the design solutions to get VR in motion. Learn more today!

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Block Diagrams

Display Bridging with CrossLink

Display Interface Conversion Bridging

  • Convert to/from MIPI DSI, OpenLDI/LVDS, and RGB/CMOS to support specialty displays such as DLP/LCOS or legacy application processors.
  • Support additional functions such as display and peripheral initialization, control and sequencing.
  • Crop & scale video data to match special formatting needs.

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Multi MIPI DSI Display Bridging

  • Drive multiple MIPI DSI displays or display requiring two MIPI DSI interfaces.
  • Replicate video to both displays or split up left & right halves over two PHYs.
  • Control peripheral functions and power sequencing of displays with additional GPIO.
  • Switch among MIPI inputs of different rates.

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HDMI / MHL Bridging

HDMI/MHL to MIPI CSI-2 with SiI9620

  • Connect 150MHz HDMI and MHL 1.0 video stream to application processor over MIPI CSI-2.
  • VRS ClearView processing with Full HD scaling.
  • No external memory required.

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HDMI/MHL to Parallel Video

  • Bridge 150Mhz HDMI and MHL 2.0 to parallel RGB/YCbCr video with SiI9293A dual mode receiver.
  • Bridge 300MHz HDMI and MHL 2.0 to parallel RGB/YCbCr video with SiI9616 port processor.
    • VRS ClearView Processing with adaptive 4K scaling.
    • Built-in OSD and pattern generator.
    • No external memory required.
  • Add standard video connectivity to parallel interface displays such as LCOS and DLP for AR/VR applications.

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Contact sales for more information on SiI9293A

Wired Video Connectivity

HDMI 2.0 Video Splitter with SiI9777

  • Split single 600MHz HDMI 2.0 link into two 300MHz HDMI 1.4 links
  • Left/right halves or even/odd pixel splitting
  • Support audio extraction
  • Built-in pattern generator to provide optional blank screen

Click here for more information on SiI9777

Wireless Video Connectivity

1080p120/2Kp90/4Kp30 WirelessHD

  • Convenient, no cabling hassle, real-time video with WirelessHD module
  • 300MHz HDMI via 444 <-> 420 conversion with SiI9396
  • Under 5ms average latency

Click here for more information on SiI9396 for 444<-> 420 conversion


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