HetNet Small Cells Connectivity

Enabling Femto, Pico and Metro Cells

Low Cost Connectivity to ASICs and ASSPs – Low density products such as ECP5 and LatticeECP3 offer a compact, SERDES-based connectivity solution for protocols including SRIO, CPRI, JESD204B, etc.

Flexible, Instant-on System Control – With embedded Flash and high I/O count, ultra low density products such as MachXO2 and MachXO3 are perfect for system control functions including reset generation, clock handling, IO expansion, bridging, etc.

Integrated Power Management – Programmable, high precision, mixed-signal products such as ASC and Power Manager II enable the support of a wide range of power supply options, including support for power ride through control for brownout protection.

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Block Diagram

HetNet Small Cells Solution Block Diagram


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Lattice HetNet Solutions Brochure
I0234 1.0 11/12/2013 PDF 2.2 MB

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