Softnautics, a MosChip Company

Agile. Responsive. Detail-oriented.

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Headquarters: Santa Clara, California

Softnautics, a MosChip Company & Lattice – The company has been designing with Lattice FPGA for years. They have extensive experience creating custom ML/AI designs for the iCE40 Ultra+, ECP5 and Crosslink-NX families as well as other designs for different FPGA families such as Crosslink-NX and MackXO3D for other domains.

Beyond the FPGAs – Additional capabilities and offerings include embedded software solutions and services including but not limited to, multimedia & vision, ML/AI, networking & wireless, IoT, firmware, drivers, middleware, applications, continuous integration, automation, QA & product testing and certifications.

10+ Years of FPGA Design Experience - Softnautics, a MosChip Company is a VLSI and Embedded company with expertise in ready to license IPs, Software solutions, custom IP design services and verification services. They have expertise on all the aspects of FPGA design flow at different stages, starting from design creation, synthesis, programming, and verification (functional & timing).

  • Team of 130+ experienced full-time engineers with diverse skillset across multiple locations in the USA and India.
  • Expertise in FPGA based SoCs, C/C++, USB, PCIe, SERDES, MIPI, Security (AES, SHAx) & codec (REED Solomon FEC & Erasure Codecs) technology.
  • Expert teams in edge engineering for ML/AI – TF, TFLite, TFLite Micro, Caffe, IoT – BLE, Zigbee, LoRaWAN, sub 1 GHz, multimedia – 4KP60 multi-channel transcode, AR/VR solutions, Video codec & analytics, BSP & device drivers, Networking & Wi-Fi – Wearables, SDN, Wi-Fi 4/5, L2/L3, Automation & QA – DevOps, DevSecOps, CI/CD, Certifications.
  • Armed with a product-oriented mind frame, market awareness, and domain expertise, we design optimal, effective, scalable and cost-effective solutions as per customer needs.

Softnautics, a MosChip Company Solutions:

Vehicle Classification AI Demo


Vehicle Classification AI Demo

Classifies vehicle types using a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) Accelerator IP on the ECP5 FPGA. HDMI output uses color-coded bounding boxes.
Vehicle Classification AI Demo