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How do I request for a Free License? And how can I configure it for Node-locked or Floating?

Following are the two prerequisites before sending a License request to Lattice and thereby a Free License can be received.                                                                                                                         
a)    Lattice Website Login Credentials.
One has to Login to the Lattice Website using his/her login credentials (

First time Users can create their account by logging into the link given below

b)    Physical MAC Address (12-digit hexadecimal value)
One can find his/her PC Network Interface Card ID for a Windows machine, by launching the MS-DOS window and by typing in the command "ipconfig /all" then hit Enter. The list of all the Physical Addresses associated with each network will be displayed. Select the Physical Address of the active network. (If you are regenerating the License which has expired for the same Machine, you can also check in your existing License file to get the Mac ID (Host ID)).

For a Linux system (with appropriate permission) , obtain a command shell and type "ifconfig-a" and enter. From the displayed information, find eth0. This is the default first Ethernet Adapter. Locate the number next to HWaddr. This is the MAC address. Lattice tools use the hardcoded Network
Interface Name (eth0) and if the active Network Interface name on the
system is set to other than eth0, it fails to check the license file and
generates error.

Following are the detailed steps, to get the Mac address on a Windows7 PC.
(i)    Go to the Start Menu.

(ii)    In the search tab, type \u201Ccmd\u201D and press enter.

(iii)    In the command window type ipconfig/all as shown in Figure 1 and then press enter.

                                    Figure 1

The Physical Address is displayed in the Command Window as shown below in Figure 2:-
(i)      The Physical Address is a 12-digit hexadecimal value split into pairs with dashes, like this: 00-01-02-66-1D-E0
                                 Figure 2
(ii)    Then, visit the licensing page following link, and request a License.

Users can then request the License from the Lattice Website. Copy and paste the below address in your browser to go to the Licensing page on the Lattice Website,

For getting a Free License for the Floating set-up, create a Technical Support ticket with the Server Mac ID and the number of seats required.