Embedded Vision Applications

Flexible Solutions for Embedded Vision Processing at the Edge

Embedded vision offers a promising future with many exciting new applications entering the market. These systems are used in industrial display systems for M2M applications and for Industry 4.0 implementations, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and infotainment applications for automotive, DSLR cameras, drones, robotics, virtual reality (VR) systems, and medical equipment.

Lattice’s product portfolio offers flexible solutions to address today’s embedded vision designer’s needs, such as evolving interface requirements, energy-efficient image signal processing and hardware acceleration.

Let Lattice and its partners help you create flexible and power-efficient solutions for Embedded Vision Processing at the Edge.

Embedded Vision Systems

The growing implementation of cameras in almost every industry contributes towards the creation of smarter machines. Concepts like object recognition, depth perception, collision avoidance and decision making are penetrating the devices in our homes, cities, factories and cars. Computing at the Edge requires a variety of devices working together to make the machines more efficient. Consumer, industrial and automotive industries are looking at FPGAs to help them create a flexible and intelligent learning environment to realize this future.

Embedded Vision Systems Block Diagram

Embedded Vision Development Kit

The Embedded Vision Development Kit features CrossLink™, ECP5™ and SiI1136 devices and integrates a Sony IMX dual-cameras-to-HDMI® bridging. The kit creates the basis for an easy development platform and offers modular design for expandability. Learn more.

Kondor AX Development Board

The Mikroprojekt KONDOR AX - Advanced System Development Board includes an ECP5 development platform and Freescale i.MX 6 Solo, a versatile discrete CPU with Linux OS system control support. Learn more.

CrossLink: LIF-MD6000 Master Link Board

At the heart of CrossLink: LIF-MD6000 Master Link Board is the award-winning CrossLink FPGA camera and video bridge. With two built-in MIPI D-PHY interfaces (4 lane each, with 1.5 Gbps per lane), this kit provides an optimal platform for applications like image sensors interface conversion and sensor aggregation. Learn more.

HDR-60 Video Camera Development Kit

LatticeECP3™ HDR-60 Video Camera Development Kit is a fully production-ready High Dynamic Range (HDR) camera, designed to fit into commercially available camera housings, and comes with Helion Vision’s IONOS Image Signal Processing (ISP). The integrated IONOS ISP IP provides end-to-end sensor to displayable image ISP support. Lattice’s HDMI PHY IP enables output to HDMI/DVI monitors. Learn more.

MachXO2 Dual Sensor Interface Board

MachXO2 Dual Sensor Interface Board provides a platform for support dual sensor designs such as 3D stereoscopic vision, black box car driver recorders and other applications that require more than one sensor. This board is designed for use with the HDR-60 Base Board. Learn more.

SensorExtender Card

SensorExtender Card allows the demonstration of an image sensor dislocated from an ISP. It requires the HDR-60 Base Board and MT9M024 Sensor NanoVesta Board to produce a working demonstration. The NanoVesta sensor plugs into the SensorExtender Board labeled TX. Using the included CAT5E cable, it can be connected to the SensorExtender RX board that plugs into the HDR-60 Base Board. Learn more.

Aptina MT9M024 Sensor NanoVesta Head Board

Aptina MT9M024 Sensor NanoVesta Head Board plugs directly onto MachXO2 Dual Sensor Interface Board. Learn more.

Lattice USB 3.0 Video Bridge Development Kit

This is a production-ready, high-definition video capture and conversion system, based on the LatticeECP3 FPGA family. Learn more.

Image Signal Processing (ISP) from Helion Vision

Lattice has partnered with Helion Vision, GmbH to provide a fully comprehensive selection of image processing pipelines, ranging from basic to advanced HDR-pipelines, which can be quickly evaluated on Lattice’s Embedded Vision Development Kit and HDR-60 Camera Development Kit. This approach reduces development time and costs.

IONOS provides plug and play ISPs, utilizing a large library of more than 100 individual of IP Cores. Learn more.

CrossLink IP Solutions from Lattice

CrossLink FPGA IP Cores are ready-to-use IPs available in Lattice Diamond software. These IPs provide conversion bridging, as well as connectivity between traditional camera and display interfaces, and MIPI D-PHY interfaces. Learn more.


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