Azcom Small Cell RF Board

ngSCBP-RF: Dual Mode Small Cell RF Board

Azcom Technology's new proprietary RF card supports both HSPA+ and LTE in a compact form factor compatible with any Azcom base band board or usable as RRH with CPRI interface. It supports different channel bandwidths (from 1.4 MHz up to 20 MHz) and a wide tuning range (from 700 MHz to 2600 MHz). The board provides 4 RF channels making it well suited for different operating scenarios: LTE/HSPA+ multicarriers, 4x4 MIMO and dual standard MIMO. The high output power (typically 1/2 watt average per antenna) makes ngSCBP-RF suitable for homes and enterprises as well as metropolitan and rural public spaces.

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Configuration Interface

  • FDD/TDD duplex schemes
  • Direct-conversion from bit to RF and vice versa


  • 2x2 MIMO LTE and HSPA+
  • 4x4 MIMO LTE
  • Dual 2x2 MIMO LTE or HSPA+

Key Components

  • Lime Microsystems LMS6002D
  • Lattice Semiconductor ECP3-150 FPGA


  • Designed for 700 MHz to 2600 MHz band for LTE/HSPA+ small base station
  • Variable channel bandwidth from 1.4 MHz to 20 MHz
  • 27dBm Maximum Output Power@ -45dBc
  • EVM < 5%
  • Direct connection to Azcom ngSCBP Base Band
  • Dual SFP CPRI interface

Board Photos

Top View

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