Long Range (LoRa) Wireless

Controls a LoRa compatible radio to send processed sensor data miles away

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Long Range (LoRa) is a low power wireless transmission protocol for connecting IoT devices at the edge to a network of gateways connected to the servers/cloud allowing users to collect continuous data and analyze it in order to provide an improved consumer experience.

IoT applications can take advantage of sensors connected to a LoRa device to monitor and track assets, measure resource consumption, monitor temperature, pressure, pollution level and other environmental variables, detect fires or specific sounds. This technology is utilized in many applications including cars, street lights, industrial equipment, and homes creating smart connected cities.

The iCE40 UltraPlus FPGA allows users to implement a LoRa compliant device. It allows for connections to various types of sensors through flexible I/Os, and built in peripheral blocks. In addition, reference designs such as machine learning/artificial intelligence can be used to create a smart edge device.


  • LoRa compliant device using RISC-V processor and accelerators
  • Ability to connect to various type of sensors
  • Machine learning IP can be added to collect and analyze data from various sensors (i.e., audio, imaging, heart rate sensors)
    • Voice/sound processing (dog bark, window breakage, fire alarm, etc.)
    • Health monitoring