MIPI DSI Receive Bridge

DSI Receive Reference Design

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Flexible MIPI (Mobile Industry Processor Interface) DSI (Display Serial Interface) Receive Bridge - Allows an AP (Application Processors) to interface to a screen that is not designed for mobile applications.



  • Supports up to 4 data lanes at up to ~ 900 Mbps per lane
  • HS (High Speed) Mode receive
  • LP (Low Power) Mode transmit and receive
  • Typical power for 2 data lane bridge running at 700 Mbps is 20 mW
  • Typical power for 4 data lane bridge running at 700 Mbps is 32 mW
  • Provides a DCS (Display Command Set) encoder for display controls
  • Supports DSI formats RGB, YCbCr and User Defined
  • Output parallel RGB bus supporting up to 36 bits with clock, Hsync & Vsync

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