4 Input to 1 Output MIPI CSI-2 Image Aggregation Demo

Connect Dissimilar Image Sensor Sources with Minimal Latency

Targeting Video Applications - New video applications in areas of artificial intelligence, machine vision, robotics drones, virtual reality and automobiles require input from multiple sensors. These sensors can include video cameras, but increasingly non-traditional sensors such as radar, lidar, and sonar are used in these applications as well.

Connect multiple image sensor data - Lattice CrossLink-NX Family can interface to multiple MIPI CSI-2 compatible sensors and aggregate data to a single CSI-2 output stream. An ideal method for combining these dissimilar sensor sources utilizes MIPI CSI-2 Virtual Channels.

Complete Demo Design - This 4 input to 1 output image aggregation demo for the CrossLink-NX Family creates a sensor aggregator design where four image sensor data are aggregated and output through HDMI. This demo is free and is provided to demonstrate the use of Lattice’s popular CrossLink-NX Family modular IPs including CSI-2/DSI D-PHY Receiver and CSI-2/DSI D-PHY Transmitter along with the Lattice VIP Input Board.


  • CSI-2 4 lanes x 4 channel inputs at 371 Mbps/lane inputs
  • Camera sensors are configured by CrossLink-NX using I2C interface
  • RAW10 data are converted to RGB888 on all channels
  • Output image can be changed by the on-board switch

Block Diagram


Quick Reference
4 to 1 Image Aggregation with CrossLink-NX VIP Sensor Input Board User Guide
FPGA-UG-02095 1.0 12/10/2019 PDF 2.1 MB
4 Input to 1 Output MIPI CSI-2 Image Aggregation Demo
1.0 2/24/2020 ZIP 1.1 MB

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