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I get the following error while opening Aldec Active-HDL LE  : ( FLEXIm error = -10 ) Your License File has expired. What can be the issue?

If you have a valid License.dat file from the Lattice for Lattice Diamond Design Software, the following are the checklist to be looked into:

1. Check whether it is time for you to renew your free license. Click here to go the licensing page on the Lattice website 

2. Ensure that license.dat file is placed at <Your Installation folder>\lscc\diamond\<version>\license.

3. Check the environment variable of your system. Check whether LM_LICENSE_ FILE points to the correct location. 

4. If there are too many license paths to different vendors, try placing Lattice Diamond License path first, you may also try removing old and unused paths to avoid any contention

5. If still the problem persists, contact lattice tech support or license admin with a copy of your license.

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