Barcode Emulation

Enables ordinary LEDs to transmit barcode data – The Barcode Emulation reference design allows an ordinary LED to transmit barcode data. The LED is driven such that it transmits pulses that can be read by a checkout scanner.

Applications processor connectivity – The barcode reference emulator is designed to connect to an applications processor and offload these functions commonly found in smart phones and other mobile products via I2C or SPI.

Low power design that maximizes battery life – The design is based on the iCE40 device families, which have been designed from the ground up for low power, maximizing battery life and minimizing power consumption.

Barcode Emulation Diagram


  • 標準のLEDを使って端末情報を送信できます
  • LEDを介して端末データを読み取るチェックアウトスキャナを可能にする
  • I2CもしくはSPIを介してアプリケーションプロセッサに接続
  • わずか350 LUT
  • 対応デバイス:iCE40LP, iCE40LM, iCE40 Ultra™, iCE40 UltraLite™




Technical Resources
APQ8074 Dragonboard Boot Image for UG73 to UG76
1.0 7/15/2014 ZIP 330.8 MB
iCE40 Ultra Barcode Emulation User’s Guide
UG73 1.0 7/15/2014 PDF 4.3 MB
iCE40 Ultra Barcode Emulation Design Files
UG73 1.0 7/15/2014 ZIP 5.9 MB
iCE40LM Barcode Emulation Reference Design
RD1191 1.1 10/30/2013 PDF 1.8 MB
iCE40LM Barcode Emulation Source Code
RD1191 1.0 10/22/2013 ZIP 1.6 MB

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