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  • The Life of an Extraordinary Lattice Employee

    The Life of an Extraordinary Lattice Employee

    Posted 1/8/2018 by Ryan Short

    On December 21, 1983, a young engineer with a long mullet and bell-bottoms flew to Portland, Oregon to join a start-up, Lattice Semiconductor, as employee #31. He left a steady job at Harris Corp. in Melbourne, Florida to go where he thought he could have the most significant impact. Lattice was a using an EEPROM technology that he had an idea for.

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  • HDMI 2.1 eARC Technology

    HDMI eARC機能とは?

    Posted 1/2/2018 by Marshall Goldberg

    eARCという新しいHDMI 2.1機能を聞いたことがありますか?これによって、AVレシーバー(AVR)またはサウンドバーと、テレビ、ゲーム機、セットトップボックス、DVDプレーヤーなどの将来のHDMI 2.1デバイスとの互換性を可能にします。

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  • The Evolution of Computing

    The Evolution of Computing

    Posted 12/19/2017 by Darin Billerbeck, President and CEO, Lattice Semiconductor

    The first “computer” I ever owned was a slide rule. By today’s standards you could say my pencil served as my terminal and the slide rule was my computing agent. People laugh about it now, but my trusty slide rule served its purpose. In the business world, server-based computing was all the rage. Those early systems represented some of the first centralized computing architectures.

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  • Smart Wireless Broadband Technology for Smart Cities

    Smart Wireless Broadband Technology for Smart Cities

    Posted 12/5/2017 by Neil Bullock

    The next generation of wireless communications equipment will need to be able to integrate with traffic lights, street lights and bus stops. It must become smaller, lighter, low-power. It must also become more modular to accommodate a wide range of services, from 5G to metro Wi-Fi to NB-IO, and make it easier to integrate and deploy in new systems.

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  • Not Your Father’s FPGA

    Not Your Father’s FPGA

    Posted 11/21/2017 by Doug Hunter

    I keep running into engineers who say “we can’t use FPGAs because they are too big, power hungry, and expensive!” While that’s true for many FPGAs, there are some FPGAs which defy the size, power, and cost stereotype. Thanks to these pioneers, FPGAs are no longer limited to network centers and are now becoming pervasive in edge devices you interact with daily.

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  • Solving Embedded Challenges

    Solving the Embedded Challenge of Too Many Signals and Interfaces

    Posted 11/7/2017 by Joel Coplen

    Building designs around state of the art microcontrollers and embedded processors brings along a specific challenge: not enough I/Os and interfaces. Today’s embedded systems have more real-time data and control requirements than ever.

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  • Improved FPGA Designs with Diamond 3.10

    Improved FPGA Designs with Diamond 3.10

    Posted 10/24/2017 by Choon-Hoe Yeoh

    In our continuous quest to provide our users with the best design tools possible, we are very excited to announce the latest release of the Lattice Diamond software. The Diamond 3.10 software continues to focus on low power consumption with various power-aware design methods, supports a broader range of automotive products, and offers increased productivity and better user experience via the improved logic analyzer tool.

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  • A Modular Approach to Embedded Vision Prototyping

    A Modular Approach to Embedded Vision Prototyping

    Posted 10/10/2017 by Dirk Seidel

    Imagine you’ve been given the responsibility to develop a new video bridging solution. Initially, you have a specific application in mind, but as cameras emerge in a growing number of intelligent applications, ranging from object recognition and depth perception to lane detection and collision avoidance, you know you will need prototypes for a wider variety of functions.

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  • 60-GHz-Wireless-Infrastructure

    Change is in the Air – 60 GHz Infrastructure is Boosted by Regulatory Reform

    Posted 9/26/2017 by Neil Bullock

    The 60 GHz band is ideal for infrastructure applications in urban environments and is a very cost-effective alternative to fiber deployment. So why are we not seeing 60 GHz nodes on every street corner? There are important changes coming in the regulations governing the use of the 60 GHz band which make this more likely in the near future.

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  • Technologies for A Driverless Future

    Technologies for a Driverless Future

    Posted 9/12/2017 by Jatinder (JP) Singh

    I took my 15-year-old to her first big concert recently - Roger Waters’ Us + Them tour. If you are wondering where am I going with the blog on automotive technologies and talking about Roger Waters, stay with me for a second. She and I both loved the concert, however, as I drove to and from the concert, I struggled with the stress of congested traffic and getting in and out of the parking lot. During those high-stress moments I imagined how wonderful it would be to have an autonomous car that would pick me up and drop me off and navigate through the mess while I could relax.

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