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If you are failing to install Diamond LatticeMico System on CentOS 7, how to proceed with library dependencies errors?

Download these .rpm files:




Note: This can be searched and downloaded over the internet, mostly this can found on the Technical forums and RPM files download sites.

And follow these steps to clear up the dependency:

1. su root (This is to run as root/ or you can use sudo in front of for each comment)

2. Install Diamond using the Diamond Installation rpm file, this can be downloaded in our website Link:

In the example, I used Diamond 3.10 version

Example: yum install diamond_3_10-base_x64-111-2-x86_64-linux.rpm

Note: In case you get “Existing lock /var/run/ another copy is running as pid [pid number]. Another app is currently holding the yum lock; waiting for it to exit...

i. ” Type the command “rm -f /var/run/ [pid number]

ii. ”

iii. Run the “yum install diamond_3_10-base_x64-111-2-x86_64-linux.rpm” again.

3. Install Lattice Mico Software, this can be downloaded in our website also Link:

In the example, I used LatticeMico 3.10 version Example: yum install lms_1_0_for_diamond3_10.rpm

4. yum install pangox-compat-0.0.2-2.el7.i686.rpm

5. rpm -ivh --force gmp-4.3.1-13.el6.i686.rpm

6. yum install compat-expat1-1.95.8-16.el7.nux.i686.rpm

7. yum install lms_1_0_for_diamond3_10.rpm

Note: More than this, please work with your Linux/IT admin for support.

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