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TESTINGHow to use Reveal on CrossLink/LIFMD device for debugging the design?

The CrossLink/LIFMD device family does not provide a hard JTAG block. Therefore, Reveal JTAG support is implemented using soft JTAG debugger logic and GPIO pins will be used for four JTAG pins (JTAG_TCK, JTAG_TDI, JTAG_TMS, and JTAG_TDO).

Following recommendations will be used while using Soft JTAG Debugger:
Create / open a Lattice Diamond project.Create/configure Reveal to your design via Reveal Inserter.Steps to add Reveal are same for CrossLink also as in Reveal User Guide but need to specify the JTAG Pins manually.To create a new Reveal Inserter, click on the icon of Reveal Inserter or Go to Tools menu and choose Reveal Inserter.Configure the Reveal InserterAdd signals to be traced in Trace box in Reveal Inserter.Specify the sample clock.
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