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How do I enable my 30-day Eval license for CNN IP for UltraPlus?

First you must have Lattice Radiant license. You can get it from Lattice web account is required for this.License paths are saved in environment variable LM_LICENSE_FILE.
If you received the 30-day license for CNN IP, these are the actions required.
1. Change file name to license_cnn.dat (or any name of your choice to be able to easily identify license)
2. Save this file to the license directory of your Lattice Radiant installation (i.e. C:\lscc\radiant\1.0\license)
3. Edit the Environment Variable LM_LICENSE_FILE to point to the proper
file (i.e. C:\lscc\radiant\1.0\license\license_cnn.dat). Go to Registry Editor (in Start Menu, type regedit), find
LM_LICENSE_FILE, right click then Modify or Control Panel -> System and
Security -> System.Then on the left
pane, click Advanced system settings. In Advanced tab, click Environment
Variables. You should see the LM_LICENSE_FILE for edit. Use semicolon to
separate paths or click New to add new path.
Now, you should have both Radiant and CNN licenses in your environment variable.
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